Tennessee Might Hire Phillip Fulmer As Athletic Director

Alabama hit a homerun with the hiring of their new athletic director today, in response Tennessee has announced that they might be turning their lonely eyes back to Phillip Fulmer.

Phillip Fulmer was run out of Knoxville because the Volunteer faithful thought it was time for a change. Nine years and ten straight losses to Alabama later though things haven’t gotten better for Tennessee. Phillip Fulmer remains the last hill person head coach to beat Alabama, way back in 2006.

Today of course Alabama hit it out of the park with the hiring of Greg Byrne. So in response what do the hill people do? They panic and turn their lonely eyes to good old Fat Phil.

You can claim that Alabama having a plan and a great hire for their A.D. position wasn’t why this leaked today, but no one is going to believe you. Tennessee has been bumbling about in their search for an A.D. for quite some time. The Vols have hired a search firm as is tradition among the hill people so that no one on staff can be saddled with the blame if things don’t work out.

I’m not sure this would be a great hire for Tennessee, but the Knoxville Kirspy Kreme donut shops must be ecstatic. The only thing Phil loves more than squealing is a delicious hot and fresh donut. I wonder if anyone has mentioned to Phil that if he gets the job he might actually have to go to SEC media days in Birmingham, that might be a deal breaker after all.

Does anyone know if Phillip Fulmer is a life champion? If he’s not a life champion he might not get along with Butch Jones, and that would be tragic. Butch needs to stay in Knoxville forever, it’s only been 3.738 days since Tennessee last beat Alabama after all. I hear that next year is the Vols’ year…

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