Michigan students use dorm lights to send vulgar message to Ohio State

It's rivalry week in college football, and nowhere do the embers of hate burn more brightly than in the Midwest, as Michigan and Ohio State get set to battle in Columbus on Saturday.

As we know, the stakes are insanely high this weekend. Not only is it a battle of No. 2 vs. No. 3, but also a game which could ultimately decide the Big Ten East title and will almost certainly produce at least one playoff team.

So how do two fanbases that absolutely hate each other prepare for such a monstrous match-up? By trolling each other with inappropriate dorm lights of course.

Check out what Michigan fans did last night, via the below image – which we should warn you, the image does contain profanity – as some clever UM students have spelled out “[Expletive] OSU” in lights.


Saturday cannot get here fast enough.