LSU Fans Are Mad About Phidarian Mathis Picking Alabama

LSU fans are handling Louisiana native DT Phidarian Mathis choosing Alabama over LSU just as well as you guessed they would have.

Phidarian Mathis is one of the top recruits in Louisiana, and now he’s going to play football for the Alabama Crimson Tide. The predictable result is that the swamp folk have lost their damn minds.

Who saw it coming? Everyone? Yep, everyone.

Base they way you choose your college on what makes Scott Parks happy you jerks!

You know LSU loses to Alabama like every single year right?

Wow, those fellows are mad, very mad.

So mad online.

Seriously why aren’t you basing your major life decision on what Scott wants?

Here are some fabulous replies from one particularly infamous swamp folk message board.

Wait you wish mediocrity and failure? Like the kind of thing LSU players experience?

Did MSU give you permission to use billboards, that’s Clangas thing?

Are you going to build a wall around the state or something?

You call yourself Maverick.

Nothing like threats over football!

LSU wanted Mathis, Mathis didn’t want LSU, by definition I’m pretty sure it’s your loss.

Do you usually kidnap players and force them to play at LSU?

Did you fight in the war grandpa? No, but I did play for Coach O and go to the Outback Bowl!

Is this some kind of weird swamp people mafia threat?

The poor swamp folk are so angry bless their hearts. They just can’t help their tiny little angry hearts, they eat all those nutria and drink all that snake juice and the voodoo hate just pours out.

Roll Tide to you poor little corn dogs anyway.

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