St. John’s rolls past Georgetown 88-77 in first round of Big East Tournament

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St. John's outscored Georgetown 46-29 in the 2nd half of their 88-77 win in the first round of the Big East tournament.

GUS JOHNSON: Trimble-- a 3. St. John's coming out awfully cold to start this game, 1 for 7, 0 for 4 from the 3-point line. Govan-- a 3. How about the big guys?

BILL RAFTERY: And guys don't want to guard that far from the hole either. You gotta go out and hug those two.

That's one way of playing Ponds. Don't let him get it back once he gives it up.

GUS JOHNSON: Now Ponds to post up. Let's see what he can do down here against Dickerson. Turnaround baseline J, and he's fouled. Count it as well.

BILL RAFTERY: Not much. He owns you out there, doesn't he? He's got a bag of tricks, folks.

GUS JOHNSON: Owens. Alibegovic kicks it back out. Clark grabs it. Can't hold on. Govan with Derrickson. Nice move. Govan off the window. No. But it's flushed down

BILL RAFTERY: How about Walker running the floor?

GUS JOHNSON: Antwan Walker.

BILL RAFTERY: Nice flash for high-low.

GUS JOHNSON: Knocked away. Simon-- active hands defensively. Good turnover for Georgetown. Now, Simon baseline. Inside, Owens, and he'll punch it down.

BILL RAFTERY: How about that? Simon says let me get involved a little bit.

GUS JOHNSON: St. John's one--

BILL RAFTERY: Nice play.

GUS JOHNSON: --for nine from the 3-point line. Oh, what a jam!



BILL RAFTERY: And what a nice bump by Owens. And the big thing-- Simon didn't leave early.



GUS JOHNSON: Lob-- oh!


GUS JOHNSON: What a jam!

BILL RAFTERY: How about that? And all of a sudden--

GUS JOHNSON: Where's Sherman Douglas? Where is Sherman Douglas?

BILL RAFTERY: That's right. The General.

GUS JOHNSON: Derrickson hard to the bucket, kicks it out baseline to the other Derrickson, and he drains it.

BILL RAFTERY: And nice job not jump stopping and not charging.

GUS JOHNSON: --at all. All right, we start the second half 48 to 42 Georgetown. Red Storm with the ball. Ahmed, and he'll knock down a 3-pointer of his own.

BILL RAFTERY: And I'm thinking Simon really did a nice job, didn't you?

GUS JOHNSON: Long jump shot, and it's good for Derrickson. These two big guys are really hitting shots from the perimeter.

Govan scoreless in the last eight minutes.

BILL RAFTERY: Pretty good driver, this kid.

GUS JOHNSON: And rejected by Tariq Owens. Simon-- he's got Ponds on the wing. Simon with a Euro step to the hole. Count it, and the foul! Justin Simon.

This looks like that old school--


GUS JOHNSON: Georgetown press.

BILL RAFTERY: It's dangerous.

GUS JOHNSON: Marvin Clark for 3.

BILL RAFTERY: That's what happens.

GUS JOHNSON: And that's why they don't do it.


GUS JOHNSON: That's exactly what you just said, Coach Raftery.

BILL RAFTERY: Exactly. That's the danger.

GUS JOHNSON: Red Storm trying to find that magic on their home court again. This time, in the Big East Tournament. This man has been the straw that stirred the drink. Shamorie Ponds. Marvin Clark-- mid-range-- good.

BILL RAFTERY: Again, two-man basketball. They've just been eating them up.

GUS JOHNSON: Justin Simon-- 16 points, 10 rebounds, six assists. And the Red Storm win their 16th game of the season. As the two friends and former teammates shake hands.

BILL RAFTERY: The shoes and all, huh? Ponds got them going early. And then a combination of good solid play, Simon, Clark. And a pretty good defensive stance on a consistent basis, particularly after Govan and Derrickson got it going.

- Yeah, well, welcome back, Shamorie Ponds, after a two-game absence. How did you feel? What was your comfort level here tonight?

- I was just trying to go out there and just get it done. I've been out of there for two games. My team was needing me, missing me. So I mean, I just tried to do whatever I could do to help us get the win.

- You started out, I think, team's 11 of your first 14. How much was that your mentality for you personally to get off to such a strong start?

- I was just trying to stay aggressive. Coach just told me, I mean, don't let up. I mean, just keep attacking, keep attacking. You [INAUDIBLE] aggressive.

LISA BYINGTON: One of your teammates, Justin Simon-- a really good second half. He finished with a double-double. How does he compliment your game?

SHAMORIE PONDS: He's great. He played well off the ball and well on the ball. I mean, he could do it all. 6' 5" guard-- we need him a lot.

- You guys are tough in this building. And that Duke win has started something special for you guys. You've now won six of your last nine. During that stretch, what are you guys doing right?

- I mean, we're just all trying to take it game by game. We know we could beat anybody in the country if we limit our mental lapses and just go out there and compete.

- All right. Well, thank you for the time.

- Thank you.

- Rob.