Virginia Tech stuns No. 5 Duke with late tip-in

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Chris Clarke's tip in with 4 seconds left seals the upset win for Virginia Tech.

- Full shot clock as Duke got it back And Allen-- boy, another one that rattles out and it's tipped in by Marvin Bagley III, freshman from Phoenix.


- And Bibbs. The midrange game impressive for Justin Bibbs. Time out Blue Devils.

- I think if you set up, find somebody in the middle and play out of the middle. There he is.

- Couldn't get it to Bibbs. Robinson's pass intercepted.

- Yeah, great play by Duval.

- And a three at the other end. [INAUDIBLE] Grayson Allen.

- I will say this. You're an equal opportunity offender.

- Trent out of the corner. It's hard to argue, though. Who else would you put in the conversation?

- Kentucky has been very good, but I mean--

- Kansas.

- Kansas, no question. 14 [INAUDIBLE].

- Robinson, the bucket. He has a chance to make it a one point game. Trent has had a quiet night. He's been Mr. Big Monday in their previous appearances.

- See, that's really nice right there, great flash.

- And Bagley off the feed from Bolden. And all of a sudden, Duke has opened up a nine point lead. He was their leading scorer when we were here five weeks ago for the North Carolina game, averaging 14 points per game.

He's taken one shot tonight. He's hardly played. Alexander Walker, another three.

Blackshear turns and attacks. Clark rescued it. Bibs-- Alexander Walker, six seconds in the game. Clark lays it in on an air ball.

Three seconds to go, two seconds. Allen at the buzzer-- will it count? No! Dropped in by Bagley, but after the buzzer. The Hokies win the game 64-63 and almost certainly punched their ticket into the NCAA tournament.