No. 4 Duke lights it up from deep in 88-66 win over Notre Dame

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Duke shot 60% from 3 point range in their 88-66 win over Notre Dame.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: You just totally blew up one of our production elements that they worked all week on. And there's a 3 for Grayson Allen. And a 17 to 9--

JAY BILAS: Allison Williams pointed that out to him. It's an older show, but "Friends" has made quite a comeback among the younger set. I don't know if you're aware of that.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: I'm not aware of that, and I'm not sure how you would know that either.

JAY BILAS: I'm a younger person.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: Allen, no. And all kind of white shirts on the glass. It's Jack White, the sophomore.

JAY BILAS: --with the exception of Marvin Bagley III.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: Well, I read an article today that Geno ripped his bench. You know, when you've won like 100 million games in a row, you have to have something to complain about. Pflueger-- the foul, and it's a chance for 3 for Grayson Allen.

JAY BILAS: And they are outstanding defensively.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: Grayson Allen from way beyond the 3-point arc.

Duval lobs it up for the one-handed flush by Bagley.

JAY BILAS: Gotta figure that Duke wants to go inside. We'll see if they can get the ball to Bagley or Carter.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: That's Bagley for 3. He has that kind of range.

JAY BILAS: --where he wants to see Matt Farrell play maybe a little bit more as a two guard in different possessions. Another turnover.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: Notre Dame with Mooney running the floor. They're within 8 with a long way to go here at Cameron.

A terrible pass intercepted by Grayson Allen. All the way for the dunk.

And Trent, Mr. Big Monday, scored 30 two weeks ago tonight. He has 22 and nine.