No. 1 Michigan State improves to 3-0 in Big Ten play with 91-61 drubbing of Maryland

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Spartans shot a stellar 57% from the field in their 91-61 blowout of Maryland.

ANNOUNCER 1: 13-12 Maryland.

ANNOUNCER 2: Nice back cut. Tum tum. And a no-no on the D as well. But look what it's done for you.

ANNOUNCER 1: Winston. across court. McQuaid looking for some space. Maryland not giving it to him. Baseline. Goins.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'll tell you at practice. Boy, that kid, we saw him drill it all day. I hate to say this, 89 in the NCAA. Look at this, Fulton. Nobody got back. The guards have to help.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fernando swings it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Little bit of an America's player, screen to screener--

ANNOUNCER 1: Huerder.

ANNOUNCER 2: --And you don't get out on him. You pay the price.

ANNOUNCER 1: Watch out for this kid. 14 points.

ANNOUNCER 2: Got to give him good looks as much as you can.

ANNOUNCER 1: Cowan, driving. Flipped it up and in.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's amazing, the shots he makes around the rim.

ANNOUNCER 1: Huerter He's been sensational. 14 points. Off the dribble this time. Step-back 3.

ANNOUNCER 2: And a good job defensively by McQuaid.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bridges with the push. McQuaid again! McQuaid.

ANNOUNCER 2: Duncanville, Texas delivered big time. That's the push. Rebound and run. Being intelligent in your approach and making safe decisions.

ANNOUNCER 1: Winston kicks it back. Bridges, ball reversal, Tum-tum 3. Uh-oh.

ANNOUNCER 2: Tum tum lights it up. Although watching him today, he's improved that stroke. He's a post up 3 point shooter.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jackson. Again.

ANNOUNCER 2: How about that? Out after two fouls, a pleasant return.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tum tum, putting pressure on the defense. Ward takes a peek at the clock. Baseline turnaround, upside--


ANNOUNCER 1: Big fella.

ANNOUNCER 2: Little yo-yo [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 1: Batted out, Winston for 3. And it's--

ANNOUNCER 2: What a play by Kenny, huh?

ANNOUNCER 1: In east Lansing, so the final score from the Breslin center 91-61. MSU dominating.

ANNOUNCER 2: Pretty impressive.

ANNOUNCER 1: They shoot 57%. They were 16 of 28 from the 3 point line. Spartans looking good.

REPORTER: Of course, I know you'll be unhappy about something. What are you going to pick tonight?

TOM IZZO: The announcers.

REPORTER: Well, unless-- you're jeopardizing my career with that comment. You've got to be pleased.

TOM IZZO: You know what, I give them credit. They played so well. They came in here and smashed us that first 10 minutes. You know, we had a couple of foolish turnovers. They made some shots. Like he said to me, for one stretch there, what was going on last year we couldn't make a shot, either team. And this year, we both-- that first half was kind of impressive if you like offense. If you like defense, which I do, I like the second half better.

REPORTER: Turnovers. You were upset this morning-- this afternoon, I should say. Pretty good valuing the ball, would you say?

TOM IZZO: Yeah, the first three of the game we had real early. And I'll bet you the last 35 minutes we had two or three and I thought we did a great job. Give Cassius a lot of credit and-- you know, we had some guys that played real well. Nick Ward played real well. Jaren Jackson. You know it was fun to see him. We talked today about him getting down there quicker and he got into those 3s that Miles used to get last year.

REPORTER: Well, you look at your team. One of dilemmas I think you have-- who are you going to play? When are you going to play them? The match-ups, you're so deep. It's got to be difficult to know time and place for each player.

TOM IZZO: That's why I got D.J. And I don't have to take any of the abuse for who I'm playing. I just tell him, play who you want to play. But we have a rotation a little bit. You know foul trouble creates a little bit of a problem. But I thought in general we rotated guys in there and tried to get in there who we needed in there.

REPORTER: Well number one. You handled it pretty well. Congratulations.

TOM IZZO: Ah, for one game. But I appreciate it. Great to have you back and hopefully we'll keep playing. Maybe, maybe get a whole game in. Now that first half is going to be important the next game.

REPORTER: Congratulations Tom. OK Rob, back to you.