TNA Impact Wrestling: New Logo Unveiled (Photo)

TNA has unveiled a new logo for the company’s shows at Friday night’s TV taping.

TNA is in the midst of changes as Anthem Sports and Entertainment has officially bought the company, taking over Dixie Carter’s majority stake and essentially pushing her out. This comes after financial issues and lawsuits over the past few years, which culminated with this business transaction.

This week has seen the beginning of Anthem’s control over TNA. One of the first steps is with the Impact Wrestling tapings, which have been ongoing these past few nights.

Well, Anthem are officially making their mark on the Thursday night show. Based on this photo below, Impact has received a new logo with Anthem’s graphic placed in the background of the image, along with new font for “Impact.”

It should be noted that TNA changed their logo after moving to Pop TV last year as part of an image rebranding. This could be the first of many changes that Anthem makes to TNA as programming begins to potentially get further revamped.

However much this has to do with Anthem or not, Aron Rex (former WWE star Damian Sandow) also debuted a new gimmick at the taping with Rockstar Spud. They appear to have a Liberace-esque gimmick.

It’s a new era for TNA as they go forward under new ownership. We’ll see what this means as 2017 progresses. The logo is seemingly the first step toward Anthem leaving their mark on the show, so what could be next?

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