Anze Kopitar (1 goal) and LA Kings take down Red Wings

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Anze Kopitar (1 goal) and the LA Kings take down the Red Wings

- Kopi, you opened up scoring again tonight, but you guys are much more dangerous on the forward check. What did you go back and practice and change to make it more effective tonight?

- Yeah, I mean, we just obviously looked at some video and tried to-- tried to just to be a little bit more aggressive. I mean, if we're going to, you know, so-called get burnt, we want to get burned on the aggressive side of things, not-- not holding back. So I thought obviously tonight, we did-- we did a pretty good job. But there's-- there's still stuff we can do better and-- you know, but it's definitely a step in the right direction, and we'll keep building on it.

- There's a lot of zone time with your line tonight, Iafallo netting two goals. What's this chemistry been like with your line so far this season?

- Well, it's been pretty good. I mean, you know, just like our-- our team game, there's still room for improvement. And you know, but we're going to chip away, keep getting better, obviously create more-- more chances and score goals.

- And the man in the net tonight who got the one for you all, Jack Campbell-- I mean, what was it like seeing him be able to step up, take this position tonight, and get that win for you guys?

- It's-- you know what? It was-- it was really awesome to see him come in. I mean, he's a hard worker and ultimate team guy. And to get obviously his first win of the season, it's great. I'm sure it builds his confidence up a little bit, and we're going to need him on this road trip. So you know, it's great to-- great to see him win.