Austin Wagner reflects on NHL debut after LA Kings OT loss

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The LA Kings suffered a devastating overtime loss in the season opener, but some positives did come out of it such as Austin Wagner's impressive debut

- Austin, congratulations on your debut with the Los Angeles Kings. I spoke to your parents earlier tonight, and they were so excited to see you here. I mean, what did it feel like wearing that jersey and stepping out on the ice?

- You know, it's a sense of accomplishment but just didn't get the win, and that would have made it a lot better.

- What do you think about that break that you had on Carlson during the end of the game? It was about eight minutes to go and you just flew by. And where does that speed really come from?

- I don't know, I got a great pass from Anze there, and you know going in on a breakaway, just gotta bear down and score. Got a couple other chances tonight and didn't put it in the net. So things to work on, and it'll come with time. But as of right now it sucks a little bit not to be able to put the puck in the net. So I just got to stay focused and try to keep my confidence up and just have fun with it.

- Did it kind of boost your confidence a little bit when you did really neutralize two of the best defensemen in the NHL right now?

- Not really, and again if I were to score it probably would've helped a little bit but, uh, didn't get the goal. So you know it's nice to get a chance, but at the same time I've got to bear down. Might not have won the overtime if I were to score that goal. So it's a team game and we're going to get better for the next game on Sunday.

- Thanks for your time, Austin, and congratulations on your debut.

- Thank you.