Kole Calhoun jacked up about hot night at the plate, Simmons All-Star bid

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Kole Calhoun has been a new player at the plate since returning from the DL and after his first three hit night at The Big A of the season, he reflected on the newfound swing and made a case for Andrelton Simmons to be an All-Star

- How important was the balance that we saw throughout this lineup?

- It was awesome. Any time you could put up 9 runs on 15 heads that's everybody in the lineup contributing one way or another. And big job out of our bullpen tonight in putting up zeros all night long. And just kind of all the makings of a great team win.

- You personally have completely turned things around since coming off the DL. Do you feel like you are finally where you want to be right now now that you're a couple of weeks into it?

- Yeah, I'm getting there. So just, it's nice to help the team win. And on this home stand, winning three out of four so far off of really, really good teams, and hopefully we just keep it going.

- Now, this team has been pushing vote Simba all day today. He put on a show here tonight showing why he deserves to be in the All-Star game. As a teammate, what impresses you most about his game?

- I mean, defense, he is going to impress everybody night in and night out. I mean, he gets us out of a lot of jams by himself. And with the bat, he's been impressive. As a teammate, just absolutely a great guy. And this guy deserves to be an all-star. So there's as many votes as we could get for Simba to get him to the All-Star game, let's get out there and do it.