Pacman Jones Airport Attacker Gets 1 Year In Jail

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TMZ Sports talks Pacman Jones on today's episode.

- Remember the guy who tried to fight Pacman Jones at the airport and ended up taking one of the biggest, most embarrassing L's of all time?

ANCHOR: He got knocked out.

ANCHOR: Yeah, he got knocked out--

ANCHOR: Oh, he got knocked out cold.

ANCHOR: --and broke his leg.

ANCHOR: Now it's even worse. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse for this guy, it did. Because after Pacman Jones laid him out in the airport, after he was diagnosed with a broken leg, after he was arrested, he's now been sentenced. And he's going to spend a year in jail--


ANCHOR: --for attacking Pacman Jones in the airport. Now remember, this all went down in July. His name is Frank Ragin, or "Reagan", depending on how you pronounce it, I don't know. He worked at the airport, and he for some reason started talking trash to Pacman in the middle of the terminal.

Pacman at a point started talking back, but Ragin, according to officials, pushed Pacman into a gate. And that was the thing that initiated the contact. And that is why they feel like he is at fault. So after he pushed Pacman, Pacman fought back, cracked the guy in the face several times, laid the guy out. And Pacman was not arrested or charged with a crime at all.


ANCHOR: They said it was self-defense. The other guy, meantime, arrested and will now do a year in jail.

ANCHOR: A year in jail.

ANCHOR: That's wild. He's doing real jail time!

ANCHOR: A year in jail. Boy, this dude took the biggest L of 2018, man.

ANCHOR: Right. And after the year in jail, Van, then the guy's going to be on probation for a year--

ANCHOR: Yeah, that's true.

ANCHOR: --and has to do like 70 hours of community service, man. The guy lost his job, is injured. Crazy, man.

ANCHOR: Well, you shouldn't try to fight people at your job. [INAUDIBLE], he started this with Pacman Jones. He was the one who yelling and screaming at him at the airport.

ANCHOR: How-- why a year in jail, though?

ANCHOR: That seems a bit harsh to me.

ANCHOR: Yo, I've got to be honest--

ANCHOR: A year?

ANCHOR: --if this was reversed, I feel like Pacman wouldn't have spent a year in jail.


ANCHOR: Well, here's the thing. Initially, this guy Frank Ragin was charged with two counts of battery, a count of disorderly conduct, and terroristic threats.

ANCHOR: And terrorist threats.

ANCHOR: And according to the plea deal, they dropped everything except one count of battery, and he'll do a year in jail.

ANCHOR: Right, plead no contest.

ANCHOR: I think this guy-- what it comes down to is he had a really bad lawyer, and he had a judge who wanted to throw the book at him.

ANCHOR: Yeah. I mean, I can't understand why the guy--

ANCHOR: That seems severe. He lost his job, he got hurt. I feel like that's enough of a punishment.

ANCHOR: But this guy's life is screwed, and he's got the humiliation of being embarrassed on-- across the world on the internet.

- Yo, I've got to be honest with you, he took significant L's in different categories.

ANCHOR: Yeah, it should be enough.

ANCHOR: He took a health L, broke his leg.


ANCHOR: He took an embarrassed L--

ANCHOR: Yo, look at his leg, though. Nasty.

ANCHOR: Yeah, the whole deal. And then now he took a freedom L. The worst thing he could've done was pick a fight with Popeye's at-- excuse me, with--


ANCHOR: I know you're thinking about the fact that the Popeye's was dropped during the fight.

ANCHOR: I know.


ANCHOR: To be honest with you--

ANCHOR: That's what's lost in all this, [INAUDIBLE].

ANCHOR: To be honest with you, I feel like that's probably why that judge came down on him so hard.


ANCHOR: Because the judge was--

ANCHOR: Remember, Pacman's wife was holding a bag of Popeye's chicken, which falls down right there.

ANCHOR: There, we see it right there. Look at that. Look at that. I'm going to get Popeye's this weekend.

ANCHOR: They were so excited to eat the fried chicken in the airport.

ANCHOR: Hey, I met a fan in Popeye's. Maurice, shout out to you, man. I was in Popeye's, and he loved the show.

ANCHOR: I met a fan in Orange County, but it didn't go the same way.

ANCHOR: Oh, it didn't go-- yeah.

ANCHOR: Probably not. Just not the same way.

ANCHOR: Different experience, but--

ANCHOR: Different experience.

ANCHOR: Maurice, I'll tell you straight up, you drop Popeye's, you're going to get the book on that.

ANCHOR: You should go to jail.

ANCHOR: Especially down in Georgia, man.

ANCHOR: Yeah, well that's we happened. The Popeye's went down, and then Frank Ragin went down. His whole life went down. This guy's life is ruined, essentially. It's over.

ANCHOR: It's over for Frank, man.

ANCHOR: He's not going to-- how's he going to get a job again? And espe-- he's going to come out of jail. He's going to be a convict--

ANCHOR: Have you ever been convicted? Yes.

- --and he's got a bad leg.

- Wait, he's got a bad wheel inside jail? That can't be good.

- Oh, it's bad. [INAUDIBLE], you don't fight--

- I feel bad for Frank Ragin.

- I do too.

- Me too, man.

- Free Frank Ragin. Aw, look at--

- Look at him. Look how sad he is.

- I know. He's so sad.

- Get [INAUDIBLE], man. Free Frank, bro.