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TMZ Sports talks Trae Young and TI. What is next for the NBA Rookie?

- One of my favorite guys in the NBA right now, Trae Young. I'm a big fan of this young man. I like him a lot.

- He's a fantastic guy.

HOST 1: Only player to lead in the NCAA in what, Evan? Only player in history--

EVAN: I don't know. What's the answer?

HOST 1: Points and assists.

EVAN: That's amazing. I also love the fact that he wore this--

HOST 2: The worst defense ever.

EVAN: --this short suit situation to the NBA Draft. It takes real cojones to do that.

HOST 1: It does. He showed his knees.

HOST 2: LeBron had something like that.

HOST 1: His legs are hairy. Good for him.

EVAN: He was drafted, though.

HOST 1: Yeah.

EVAN: Anyway, so here's the deal with Trae Young. He's going to Atlanta. The Atlanta Hawks took him. They didn't draft him, but they got him in a trade. So he's going to play for the Atlanta Hawks. And you know, Atlanta can be a city-- there's a lot of temptation in Atlanta. A lot of fun stuff to do in that city.

- Yeah, Follies. Follies.com.

EVAN: Nobody knows it better than TI, the King of the South. We saw the rapper, and we asked him, do you have any advice to Trae Young? How to keep his nose clean? And will you be his mentor? And this is what TI said.


Vin, everybody says he should stay out of Magic City if he wants to keep you out of trouble. TI said that. I've never been to Magic City, have you?

VIN: Yes, I have.

EVAN: Can you tell me what's the draw here?

VIN: Big butts.

- OK.

- What's the draw?

- I don't know.

- But why is this-- why is this-- this is considered, like, the elite of the elite.

- What's the draw?

- Well, the atmosphere inside the club-- way before the clubs out here were showcasing the different hip-hop stars and the celebrities and stuff, you could go to Magic City and you could see them. You also see a very competitive breed of dancers. These ladies are doing stuff-- they're climbing to the top of the pole.

- Oh, really?

- Dropping down. They're doing all kinds of stuff. It's very, very high quality. But, listen, I'll tell you something. I disagree with TI.

- Why?

- Trae Young, you're a young man. You want to experience the culture of where you're going. Go in there and hang out, bro. Hang out a little bit. Just don't go too hard, brother.

EVAN: How's the food at Magic City?

VIN: Never had the food there.

- Hey, why not? Everybody says the strip club food is the best food.

- I eat the chicken wings from Follies, and they're great.

- Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question.

- What?

- You go to a strip club.

- Yes.

- Where you put your hands on stuff.

- Yes.

- And then you use those hands to eat chicken wings.

- Yes.

- That's--

- What's wrong?

- What are you talking about?

- It sounds so unhealthy.

- Where's the problem?

- It probably isn't healthy. But a lot of things that are delicious in life are unhealthy. It's not like the chicken wings I'm eating are that healthy. Saturated fat. So what difference does it make if you put a little-- you put--

- I can't breathe.

- I don't know.

- You put a little what?

- You put a little juice on them. What difference does it make?

- Oh!


- He means barbecue sauce.

- Barbecue sauce.

- Yeah.

- Right.