Blazin’ 5: Colin’s picks for 2018-19 NFL Week 5

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Colin Cowherd makes his Week 5 picks for Broncos/Jets, Raiders/Chargers, Vikings/Eagles, Cardinals/49ers, and Redskins/Saints.

- Now we do Blazin' 5. So we had 2, 2, and 1 last week. It was a push after three winning weeks. So I loved these picks. Blazin' 5, we have a sponsor presented by Chili's. Here we go.


COLIN COWHERD: All right, Jets minus 1 and 1/2. I love the New York Jets here. By the way, this is pick 'em in some places, so you could even get a better number than I have. First of all, they've had 10 takeaways this year. And their defense is only allowing 5.2 yards a play. That's top six in the NFL.

And that counts, that god-awful performance last week in Jacksonville when they were terrible. This is a real defense. In Denver when they have to go east and play an early game, they're over the last six, allowing 30 points a game. They're not the same team.

Denver's really bad going east. And again, the Jets were terrible. Todd Bowles is getting a lot of heat. They bounced back, played their game of the year. The Jets win, 26-21.


COLIN COWHERD: This is a home game for the Raiders. And I get 5 and 1/2 points. It's not officially a home game. But it's a home game. It'll be all Raider fans. And I get, right now, an offense that is absolutely humming. The Raiders' offense is second in the NFL.

They have two legit backs-- Marshawn Lynch, Doug Martin, the great tight end, three legitimate wide receivers. And the Chargers' defense without Joey Bosa-- he's been awful. They're out-- they're 30th in points a game. The Chargers' defense-- their offense is fine. Their defense is shaky.

And I really feel like Jon Gruden saved the locker room in Oakland. A little bit of a renaissance here with them. I'm going to take the Raiders. I get 5 and 1/2 points. I think they win outright. I think they win outright. Raiders win 27 to 24.


COLIN COWHERD: Upset alert-- Minnesota plus 3. I'm taking the Vikings. First of all, if you watch the Eagles secondary, it's been lit up by good receiver. Julio Jones who lit it up. DeSean Jackson lit it up. Vikings have two world-class wide receivers.

By the way, Carson Wentz is not 100%. Joey and I talked about that about three weeks ago. He's not 100%. You can tell he's not 100%. And their offensive coordinator, Frank Reich, is now the head coach of the Colts. We've seen this before when a great coordinator leaves a city, the offense isn't the same for a year.

All right, and Kirk Cousins at Lincoln Financial-- he played better there in Philly than any other place in the NFL. 12 touchdowns, three picks. Upset alert-- Philadelphia is not right. They're not right right now. I'm going to take the Vikings to win 24-23.


COLIN COWHERD: I get Arizona plus 5 and 1/2. Like it-- I love it. The 49ers' last 12 games that Jimmy Garoppolo did not play are 1 in 11. This has also been a series where the underdog does very well getting points, and I get 5 and 1/2.

The Cardinals have lost their last two games by a combined five points. Here's the thing-- nobody was watching that whole Josh Rosen game last week, because they're watching Baker Mayfield. Josh Rosen looked great. Arizona's offense had its best game with points, yards, passing yards, and rushing yards.

And San Francisco's a mess on the offensive line. I think I'm getting the better team. I'm getting the better young quarterback. And I'm getting 5 and 1/2 points. Arizona goes on the road, upset win, 27-26.


COLIN COWHERD: I love getting teams off a bye, especially, when they have a veteran quarterback. Veteran quarterbacks-- they get healthy. They get an extra a week. Washington and Alex Smith come off a bye. And the defense is in this game-- total mismatch.

The Redskins' defense is excellent. It's excellent in points, yards, past defense, and opposer passer rating. Remember, Washington's defense was good last year until every single guy got hurt. Washington got a pass rush. They got good corners. And the Saints' defense is absolutely atrocious.

Now, you think it's pretty good, because the last week in the Giants, it's bad. I'm going to go with the upset. Washington spoils Drew Brees' night off a bye. Wins 28 to 27. Blazin' 5 is brought to you by Chile's 3 for $10 deal-- starter, an entree, and a coke, $10, Queso Burger, mushroom jack fajitas. Chile's 3 for $10, always a winning pick.

Now, you do know this. Here are my picks. The Jets' pick is particularly interesting. If you make that bet right now, you get a better line than I did, because I picked it Monday. I used to have the Baker Baker Money Maker briefcase. I now have Darnold dollars.

I have-- I won $1,000 off Baker. And then last week, I doubled it down betting against him. And I won. So this week, I have $2000. I am betting it on Sam Darnold to have a very good game as a pro-- Darnold [THUMPING] dollars.