Colin Cowherd has a message for Earl Thomas: ‘Nobody is hosing you here’

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Colin Cowherd explains what timing and basic economics has to do with Seattle Seahawks not giving All-Pro safety Earl Thomas a larger contract.

- He was on his second Seattle contract, which he agreed to. It's not like he's been jobbed. He's in a state with no state income tax, and he's lucky, because he plays safety which has been marginalized and reduced in importance. So he's not going to get the payday he wants.

But I heard something on Monday Night Football last night. I mean, forget the fact that nine years he's played, in a state with no income tax, and he's made 55 million bucks. He's got a lot of money. But last night, I'm watching Monday Night Football, and one of the announcers says, well, he's only the sixth highest paid safety. Yet, he appears to be the best safety.

OK, my brain hurts. Let's slow down on this. Do you know who the highest paid left tackle in football is? That's a really important position. It's Nate Solder of the Giants.

He is the fourth best tackle in his own division. He's not Tyron Smith, not Jason Peters. He's not Trent Williams of the Redskins. Nate Solder is the highest paid left tackle. He's the fourth best left tackle in his division.

Well, Colin, that's just one position. Do you know the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL is Sammy Watkins? Sammy Watkins appears to be the third or fourth favorite target of Patrick Mahomes. The second and third highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL are Alex Smith and Jimmy Garoppolo, and the highest paid Titan is Jimmy Graham, who would not start for New England or Kansas City. In fact, Gronk is the eighth highest paid tight end, and I think like Travis Kelce, who I think is as good as Gronk or better, is now ninth.

Earl Thomas, you went to University of Texas. They have a business school. You should have taken more business classes. In what profession, except for like commissioned, like car salesmen, are you ever the highest paid person at the same time you're the best at what you do?

I mean, I work in radio. The way it works is you generally get paid for what you did. If you're a legend, Paul Harvey was making more at 80 than he was at 60, and he was way better at 50. Go around the NFL right now. This is how it works.

Texas econ classes, please take them, people, if you go to the school there. You will be paid, and then the next week, somebody else will sign a contract. Every week, every month, every year, players in your position are signing contracts, and so being the highest paid guy is all about timing. Aaron Rodgers, until recently, was like 11th highest paid quarterback. Brady now is 15th.

Nate Solder, highest paid tackle, Sammy Watkins, highest paid wide receiver, Gronk is the sixth highest paid tight end. Travis Kelce's eighth, and those are the two guys in the league nobody can guard. Jimmy Graham's got one touchdown with Aaron Rodgers, he's number one. I mean, at some point, Earl Thomas-- OK, you're in a position that's getting marginalized.

You're on your second contract in Seattle, which you negotiated, and frankly, you're the sixth highest paid. Considering you're closer to the end of your contract than the beginning, that's about what you should be paid. And if you didn't get hurt, you would have signed a new contract, and you would have been the highest paid safety. Nobody is hosing you here. It's basic, economic.