Colin Cowherd provides all the proof needed that LeBron considered joining only the Lakers

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Colin Cowherd talks NBA. Hear what he had to say about LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers on today's show.

- So I'm watching yesterday and there's all sorts of news out. LeBron has a new HBO show. And they've already got episodes of it. They've got, you know, the staff's already set up, they've got episodes, the editing has already been done. I've done five, six shows in my life, TV shows. They take a while to hire a staff, get the production facilities, pay the people, get payroll set up. Lebron's already got stuff done. He's editing stuff, they're talking stuff. That comes on the heels of him announcing 10 days ago that he's already got a TV deal. He's already had dinner with Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio.

So let's think about this for a second. LeBron announces he's a Laker on July 1. It is July 27. That's 26 days, of which 10 he was gone. He was in Europe. Lebron's been in Los Angeles 16 days. That's it. He already has a production deal for a movie, dinner with stars, and HBO shows all lined up. And he had a pizza promotion. In 16 days. Folks, it takes six months to put TV shows together. It takes 15 meetings to get TV deals.

The Sixers were never a contender. The Cavs were never a contender. Houston was never in the running. San Antonio was never in the running. This thing was decided a year ago. I don't think Miami, I don't think going back home to Cleveland was decided a year in advance. When LeBron James and Magic met on July 1, that wasn't a recruiting pitch, that was a strategy meeting. This is why Magic Johnson was teasing Jerry West six months ago. We got him. We got him. Because they did.

It's why Magic Johnson said before the signing, give me two years. If I don't have it done, fire me. 'Cause he knew he had LeBron. LeBron did wait to the very end in Miami, did wait a long time before making a decision to go back to Cleveland. A year ago in September, Peter Vecsey reported. A year ago. It's done. Peter Vecsey, though, is no longer mainstream, he's retired. He used to be the guy in America that broke the stories in the NBA. He was Woj, pre-Woj. He said a year ago, it's over, it's done, decided.

I'm watching all this stuff about his new HBO show. And I'm watching clips and I'm watching all the stu-- folks, I've been in TV 20 years. 16 days you got TV deals? 16 days you got movie deals? Folks, I agreed to a new contract with this company a month ago. I still haven't signed the contract. It takes forever. There's agents, there's meetings, there's staff, there's HR, there's people-- 16 days. I got a TV deal. I got a TV show. I've got staff hired. I've got-- are you kidding me?

He's had a pizza promotion, he's had dinner with stars. This baby was done. This is why Magic was goading people. When they sat down in Lebron's home for three hours, we all thought it was a recruiting pitch. Magic sold it as a recruiting pitch to guys like me. No it wasn't. They sat down with a board, a strategy. He goes, Rondo's available. Do you want him? And LeBron said, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I like Rondo. He's tough. He'll compete. I competed against him. I like Rondo. He's super smart. He'll make Lonzo Ball tougher. Get him. They did.

He said Lance Stevenson's available. We can get him. Do you like him LeBron? And LeBron's said, oh I played against him. He competes his ass off. I like him. He's crazy, he's not intimidated by anybody. He won't be intimidated by the Warriors. Get him. They did. Magic said, what do you think about Boogie Cousins? LeBron said, pass. Not interested. By the way, there were rumors last year Pelinka and Magic like Boogie. Funny, never made an offer. Everybody was surprised. Why? Because that three hour meeting was not a recruiting pitch. It was a strategy meeting.

He said, JaVale McGee, you like him? And LeBron said, yeah. Let's take him off the Warriors. He looked pretty good in the finals. Go get him. They did. Michael Beasley. This was all strategy. I'm looking at that thing yesterday about the HBO show, the dinner with Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio, the pizza promotion. Sixers were never in this thing. Cleveland was never in this thing. Houston was never in this thing.