Jason McIntyre reveals his Top 10 NBA Players after the 2018 season

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Jason McIntyre joins Colin Cowherd to discuss his Top 10 NBA Players after the 2018 season. Hear why Jason lists Kevin Durant ahead of LeBron James.

- You have Durant over LeBron. Why?

- I don't think it's that big of a deal to say Kevin Durant's a better basketball player right now than LeBron James. Colin, the better shooter-- Kevin Durant. The better scorer-- Kevin Durant. The better defender-- Kevin Durant. LeBron has him in passing, no doubt, in rebounding. But for me, right now, Kevin Durant, a better player than LeBron James.

I don't think-- I know people freak out when they hear this. Colin, you do realize Kevin Durant, when he wins a title here this June, he's going to have two titles before he turns 30 years old. That's the same as Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Each had two titles before they turned 30.

People are just-- we're underestimating Kevin Durant at this phase in his career. He's that good right now. He's so efficient as a scorer. I do believe Kevin Durant is on his way to being a top five player, all time. I don't think-- that's not incendier.

- No, it's not. And I will say this, though, where you're right on this is that because he's such a prolific scorer, he's not beholden to athletic ability. Like, Russell Westbrook loses his vertical-- he's not the same player. Harden can get a shot. Dirk Nowitzki's still playing. Harden can play the 40. He is a 7-footer. Guys that can shoot-- Dirk Nowitzki can still score in this league.

- The biggest knock on Kevin Durant is he had to join the Warriors. Oh, no. OK. Let's remember when LeBron left for Joy Taylor's Miami Heat, OK, he was shredded for the decision. Here we are four years later. Is anybody talking about the decision?

- No.

- No, it's like, oh, LeBron. He was down 3-1, and he won a title. He's been to the finals seven straight years. Like, you forget about this stuff. We're going to forget that Kevin Durant joined the Warriors-- are going to be like, wow, this guy is incredible. This is a guy in the same discussion-- I think he will be as LeBron and Michael Jordan.