Colin Cowherd unveils his list of the 10 most dominant athletes of the last 20 years

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Colin Cowherd reveals which athletes have risen above the rest over the last 20 years. Who do you think deserves to receive the top distinction?

- I'm just going to go 10. I don't have time for 20, nor any interest. And I want to primarily concentrate on the top five. This is not a PC list. It's an honest list. I don't like everybody on this list. I don't respect everybody on this list. One guy on this list, I wish wasn't on the list. There's nothing to like about him. But it's an honest list. I'm not pandering to you. I'm not pretending-- I've got to get that box checked and that box checked and that person checked.

OK, let's start the real list. Number one is Floyd Mayweather, and I don't like him. I'm repulsed by him. He hasn't lost a fight. Let me repeat this. As a professional, 50-0. He went into UFC. He dominated their best fighter. He's been knocked down briefly, once, in his professional career. I don't like what he stands for. I don't like his background. I'm not a fan. I never have been. He hasn't lost a fight since 1996 in a division that's had some really good fighters.

Number two-- I don't know how you could put him lower-- is Usain Bolt. Forget the fact, he's the fastest human being in the history of the world. He's an 11-time world champion. He holds records in all the key three categories of sprinting. In an eight-year stretch, which is a long time to be really, really fast, he entered 21 events. He won 20. The only one he didn't win, he was disqualified for. I don't think this can be understated. In the history of the world, he's easily the fastest human. I don't know how you put him any lower than second.

Number three is Michael Phelps. He's a human fish. He's won a gold in six different swimming categories. Do you know how hard it is to win a gold in a swimming category? He's won 'em six, all different disciplines. Not in one Olympics, or two, or three, or four-- five different Olympics. The most decorated Olympian ever. 23 gold medals. Just think about this. 23 gold medals.

Number four-- this seems fairly obvious-- Serena Williams. I mean, has she had any competition? She's 14-0 in doubles finals. She's won 15 grand slams. How you could put Tiger ahead of Serena Williams is laughable. She's won, Christine, 15 grand slams since Tiger won a major. She won the Australian Open while pregnant.

- Yeah.

- OK. Let me repeat that. She was pregnant and won a tennis major. For all I know, she delivered the baby in the first set and won the second set. She won a major while pregnant.

- Number five is Roger Federer. Now I could put him ahead of Serena, but he's had people beat him. He still has 20 grand slams. He just won the Aussie Open. He's 36. He's one of the all-time decent guys in the history of sports. Let me sum it up for you. He was number one in 2004. He's number one in 2018. This is a global sport. It's not supposed to work that way. The top five isn't even debatable-- Floyd, Usain, Michael, Serena, Roger.

Now six through 10, you could push back a little and make real arguments. I would go Tiger Woods. Now he has not been good for a long time. But remember, this list is dominant within the span of 20 years, not dominant for 20 years. And the first 10 years of the last 20, golf has never seen anything like Tiger.

I would put LeBron seven, simply because as good as Michael Jordan was, LeBron's been in seven straight Finals. Michael, after three-- exhausted, fatigued, baseball, retired.

Number eight, Lionel Messi. Here's the best way to sum it up. He's better than Pele. He has transformed-- transformed La Liga-- the world's best-- not the most popular, that's the EPL. La Liga's the world's best, certainly at the top, soccer league. Goals, assists. He is better than Pele. His career average is just shy of a goal a game. I mean as great is Wayne Gretzky was, he wasn't doing that. The only thing that holds him back-- no World Cup for Argentina.

Number nine-- hmm. Tom Brady. Um, I don't know. He's been to eight Super Bowls. Next is Elway with five, and Elway was humiliated in a couple of 'em. Listen man, the NFL punishes good teams. They give you bad draft picks. There's salary caps. There's free agent restrictions if you make it deep into the playoffs. OK. What Brady is doing-- and he'll be favored again in the AFC to get to his ninth Super Bowl-- is outrageous. Peyton Manning would be in my 20-- in my 20, top 20. Brady's nine.

And 10-- and again, parts of Barry Bonds-- I think he ate for breakfast for a stretch in his life, eggs, bacon, and steroids. But Barry Bonds was once walked intentionally with the bases loaded. That's never happened. Maybe to Babe Ruth, but we didn't have cameras then. Barry Bonds, for a stretch-- and I don't know what was in his body, but I know, I've talked to Major League players-- great major league pitchers who said he's the only batter in the history of the sport that didn't have an out pitch. There was no place you could pitch him. Generally it's in on the hands, out over the plate, breaking stuff. Bonds had no zone to pitch him for a long stretch.

Again, I don't have to love everybody in my top 10. I don't have to trust everybody in my top 10. I don't have to love them personally, socially, or their resume. But this is, at least in my top five, a definitive, respectful, non-PC, not only reasonable, but absolutely accurate top 10 dominant list.