Jaguars Pro Bowler A.J. Bouye reveals why the Steelers’ Antonio Brown is the best WR in the NFL

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Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback A.J. Bouye joins Doug Gottlieb and Kristine Leahy on The Herd and reveals the best wide receivers he has faced in the NFL.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: Who's the best guy-- like you went against AB, obviously, in the playoffs. That was an incredible playoff game. Is he far and away the best guy, or is there somebody else that we don't talk enough about that's on that level?

AJ BOUYE: I believe AB's the best in the game, and I'm not just saying that just because he had the best of me-- the only receiver that really had the best of me all year. But I feel like Keenan Allen doesn't get enough respect. I like the way he plays, and--

DOUG GOTTLIEB: Keenan Allen had an amazing year with the Chargers.

AJ BOUYE: Yeah, he came back from the injury.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: How did you win that game? I-- I'm a Charger fan. They got two picks in the last two minutes of the game, and still lo-- how did you win that game?

AJ BOUYE: Our mentality. I told you, our defense. We just, we had time on the clock. We knew we just needed some plays to make. And the play Malik Jackson made, and we got the fumble back. And then Blake and them did what they needed to do, and Lambo, to get points on the board. And then, over time, you saw what happened with that. And they'd been trying to run that play half-- I mean all game. So I seen Travis Benjamin there, and I knew that when the ball was in the air it was mine, so I should have scored, but we still won.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: You definitely-- you should have scored. I've got 30 seconds. You said AB is the best. What about him? Because, he's double-covered, he still gets open. What does he do that is-- t that makes him more difficult than anybody else you cover?

AJ BOUYE: Man, you know, he's not the fastest receiver. He's not the biggest receiver. But you know he does a lot of things where you know he works hard in the off-season, all this work that he puts in. But, even when I was watching the film after the game in the playoffs, the catches he made-- it was amazing. Like, the first one, he caught one hand and was still able to get two feet in. And then the second one, I was in good coverage and usually I get it out. He was able to drop his hands, late and low. It was that close, and he just caught it. I was like, man, this guy, he's crazy.