Stephen Jackson: ‘Zaza is not a tough guy’

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Stephen Jackson joins the show to talk Zaza Pachulia with Colin Cowherd. Find out why Jackson thinks Zaza is a dirty player who does dirty things to make up for a lack of talent.

- Zaza's not a tough guy. He's a dirty guy that does dirty things to make up for lack of talent. It's just-- That's just what it is. He's not even the starting line up no more on this team. They took him out of the starting line up because he can't do anything. And it is obvious.

I mean, OK, everybody that didn't play basketball I'm going to help you out because I know you're kind of naive to a lot of things. Nick Young's foot is not that strong to push a 6' 11", 270 pound guy down. First of all. All basketball players, we take some crazy shots in the game.

- Yeah.

- Lay ups, reverses, all type of stuff. We know how to fall. OK, if you look at the game we hit the floor all the time. We know how to fall. This was definitely intentional. He didn't even have to fall.

- Look at. That is--

- This is what he does. This is what he does.

- That floor is slippery.

- He has too many incidents. Kawhi, Russ last year. When you have four or five situations, where it's questioned if you're dirty or not, you're dirty.

- If you're that uncoordinated that you have to fall like that, you shouldn't be in the NBA.

- Sp Stephen, you don't think you had value in the NBA as a tough guy.

- Yeah.

- By the way, that's just falling on legs. You didn't throw an elbow. You didn't get the guy's ear and be like, don't come here. Don't do that.

- No, I definitely did that, but I never intentionally tried to hurt somebody. I remember going to the game when DeAndre Jordan was dunking on us, catching lobs, and lobs, and lobs. And he went up for a lob and I just took his arm off. You know, but I don't try to hurt him. I went straight at his arm so he couldn't catch the ball.

- Whoa, time out. Stephen Jackson, you are a six. So, you could play NFL football. You went at full force at DeAndre Jordan limbs and your argument to me is, but I didn't try to hurt him.

- No I didn't go at his legs, it was his arm.

- That's different.

- It's totally different.

- Arms matter too.

- It's totally different. One thing about it, you know how to foul somebody with an intention to hurt somebody. Trust me, I do. And the intentions to just make a hard foul to try to make him miss a free throw.

- You don't think the NBA though has gotten so absurdly soft? You can't even hand check?

- There's no question.

- What am I supposed to do if I'm a big and now, by the way, I can't hand check a guard. So you can get to the-- You can get at the basket any time you want.

- Right.

- What do I have rights for as a big guy? What are my rights?

- Right. And you're right, you don't have any in today's game. And you know, I remember at the beginning of season when I was on your show last time, I said that the NBA is soft. The NBA is getting soft.

- You did.

- And the players were like, the older guys are just hating. Well now you've got James. You've got Lou Williams. You've got John Wall. All them coming out saying what? The NBA's soft now. They're all saying that. So we were right.

We weren't just hating. We were being honest. The game is soft. You can't even give a hard foul without getting a technical foul or thrown out of the game. You can't even have an enforcer now.

Zaza's not an enforcer. He's not going to fight nobody. He's just clumsy and just a dirty player.

- But Steve Curr loves him. They had Matt Barnes last year.

- He doesn't love him. He called him the moral compass.

- If I called you the moral compass of this show, that would be a side--

- I'd be the North, you'd be the South.

- Wouldn't that be a sign of some affection though? Like John is the moral compass of the show. I'd be saying you know John centers us.

- Well, I know what Steve Curr means. Every team, every championship team, has that one guy. That Draymond. He even said in the paper, I was the guy in San Antonio. We won the championship team.

- Yes, you were. Ron Artest was the guy with the Lakers team. You have to have that one guy that's a tough guy, that can go out there and get the other guy's face and protect the stars without being dirty. Zaza is not doing anything else on the court but being dirty. That's all he can do to contribute. He can't do anything else.