Colin Cowherd on Blake Bortles: “Jacksonville just locked up the 20th best passer rating in the NFL for years’

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Colin Cowherd talks Blake Bortles. Find out why Colin thinks the move isn't going to be a game-changer for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

- But Jacksonville-- my bad, Sacksonville. Got a cool nickname, no actual titles. But anyhoo, they signed Blake Bortles to a new deal and people are like, yeah!

And I'm like, ugh, that shows you the scarcity of quarterbacks. First of all, Andrew Luck now returns, same division. Deshaun Watson now returns, same division.

Marcus Mariota finally has an offensive coordinator, an elite offensive coordinator. This narrative that, hey, Blake Bortles was one play from beating New England. In a perfect storm, Tim Tebow also won a playoff game and RG3 was an offensive rookie of the year.

This league has never been about when it comes to franchise quarterbacks winning a game. Tebow won games. RG3 won games.

That's not-- that's not what it's about. It's about signing somebody that when things don't go perfectly. Tom Brady loses Gronk and Edelman and Dont'a Hightower and gets to a Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers has no running game and an average defense and gets to the NFC Championship.

Drew Brees has a bunch of kids in his locker room and gets to the playoffs. Yeah, Tim Tebow, one game, 16 to 14 with Matt Prater kicking 84-yard field goals and the best defense in the league and playing lousy teams. They played the Patriots twice and got their ears boxed.

Andrew Luck is back in division, 0 and 2. Deshaun Watson's back in division, 0 and 2. Marcus Mariota finally has a legitimate offensive coaching staff.

You want to know what a franchise quarterback is? Jimmy Garoppolo gets San Francisco's talent, they can't win games, goes 5 and 0, beats the Rams, the Titans, and the Jags. That's a franchise quarterback.

It's not, hey, our guy beat Buffalo in a home playoff game 10 to 3 and he had more rushing yards than passing yards. And oh, by the way, when Luck and Deshaun Watson were hurt and Mariota had a horrible coaching staff, he won 10 games. Franchise quarterback is about what can you do when things aren't perfect.

This was a perfect year for Sacksonville. Andrew Luck is hurt. Colts are a mess. Deshaun Watson's hurt. Texans are a mess. Mariota's got the worst coaching staff offensively in the league. That's perfect.

You have a great defense. Nobody gets hurt. That's a perfect story. Tim Tebow got to the playoffs on that.

When the rest of your division is falling apart, you have a great defense and a great kicker and you win close games over bad teams. Jacksonville just locked up the 20th best passer rating in the NFL for years, OK? Do you honestly-- if I said to you, Andrew Luck, Deshaun Watson, Marcus Mariota, Blake Bortles, who do you feel good about?

I'll tell you who's number four. You just locked him up. RG3 and Tebow won games in this league.

Brock Osweiler's won games. Mark Sanchez has won games. You want to lock guys up for three and four years, how would they be with a bad defense and no Leonard Fournette and a multitude of injuries and an average coordinator?

That's a franchise quarterback. 16 games, Bortles had 21 TD passes with that defense and that running game and Tom Coughlin in his ear. Sorry, I wouldn't have paid the money. I wouldn't feel great in Jacksonville today-- my bad, Sacksonville.