Colin Cowherd can’t get over one thing about Baker Mayfield

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Colin Cowherd talks Baker Mayfield. Find out why Colin thinks the former OU QB is not likely to become a franchise QB in the NFL.

- You know, when people say, man, you are judgmental. To that, I would say, yeah, absolutely. I am especially judgmental with people I'm going to go into a relationship with. When I was dating my wife, I was critical and judgmental. Why do you do this? Why do you do that? Long term, does it work? She was also judgmental of me and let me know it.

This whole thing about Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma quarterback, here's something I just can't get over. There is a police video of Baker Mayfield running from cops in Oklahoma. I cannot get past that. If I'm going into a relationship with you, you can call me judgmental. All right, I'm judgemental. I'm making decisions based on evidence and data you provide.

I can remember 2 1/2 years ago, and I'm not going to call anybody out, but I met with a financial guy for something. And we sat down for a quick coffee, and he made a couple of grammatical errors. And I'm thinking, he can't get sentence structure right. I'm not giving him my money. I was judgmental.

If he was just a guy I met for coffee, I couldn't give a rip. But if I was going to provide you all my financial portfolio, that crap matters. You've got to be buttoned up. And if Baker Mayfield was a cornerback or a linebacker, maybe you don't care as much. But name me a Hall of Fame quarterback who has a video of him running from the cops in college.

I'm sorry, but Baker Mayfield's got lousy judgment. If you've ever run from cops, you've got lousy judgment. It may not affect me if we're not in a relationship, I mean, if you're just a guy that passes through my life. It may not affect me if you're a punter, but if you're at the judgment position of football, I can't get past that. I cannot get past Baker Mayfield on video running from police.

The rest of it doesn't-- I don't want to talk to you anymore. I can't get past that. Colin, he was young. So was Eli Manning. There's no video of that. There's no video of Andrew Luck doing that. There's no video of Sam Darnold doing that. There's no video of Tom Brady doing that.

Running from police on video, and worst of all, they caught him. So he's slow. I just-- I'm sorry. I just-- everybody's talking about, oh, 70% this, 70% that. There's a police video out of him. Look it up. He's running from cops. He's a quarterback. I'm done. Undraftable, off my board, can't draft him. Done, can't draft him, off my board.