Colin Cowherd details two reasons the Blake Griffin trade was a good move for the Clippers

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Colin Cowherd discusses the Los Angeles Clippers trading Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons.

- Yesterday you had one of those things they called a blockbuster trade. You get about one of those a year in the NBA. It's a blockbuster deal! Not talking about the video chain formally, Blockbuster. Blake Griffin, a Clipper. Blake Griffin's out of there.

And he goes to Detroit, and everybody in Los Angeles, everybody in the NBA is like, whoa, this is whoa, what do you make of this? All right, I got two takes. Blake Griffin's game, he was the best 1992 NBA player in the league today. He can't shoot, he's real athletic, and he's never adapted.

Three guys in the NBA I've never bought into the hype, Melo, Derrick Rose, and Blake Griffin. I'm right on all of them. They didn't adapt. One didn't play defense, one got hurt a lot, and one can't shoot. And none of them are good teammates. The Clippers got rid of $105 million. They should have never signed the deal. Bye, Blake.

Here's my two takes. Start with this one. Blake Griffin is, he's like the Hummer or the big SUV, and you watch those commercials. And they're like, oh, that SUV, it climbs mountains, 90 degree angle in snow. It is awesome.

Have you ever seen those SUV or the Hummer commercials? Man, they can go over boulders! Man, they can go up ski mountains! And I'm sitting there as a dad thinking, where do I put my kids? Like, I never do drive up mountains.

That's Blake Griffin. A lot of useless stuff that unsophisticated fans buy into. He can jam. You know why he's always hurt? You know why Derrick Rose is always hurt?

Do you know why John Wall's hurt? Guys who can't shoot have to attack the basket to score. And they run into bodies and hit the ground. Athletic guys get hurt all the time. Shooters not as much.

Blake Griffin doesn't make anybody better. He's not a great teammate. He's never adapted. Jerry West is now part of the Clippers. He just came from a garage full of Teslas, the Golden State Warriors.

The great adapters. The early adapters. Once you've driven a Tesla, you just roll your eyes at the Hummer. So that's my first takeaway. Never been a Blake guy.

At number two, LA's always been a Dodger, USC football, and Laker town. What did UCLA do? We're going to combat that paradigm. We're going to hire Chip Kelly! People at USC kind of freaking out.

What did the Angels do in the Dodger town? Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols, we got to retain Mike Trout. They spent big money on a very talented young player from Asia. We want to shift the paradigm.

What are the Clippers saying? It's a Laker town, man. We're getting everybody off the books. We're going for LeBron James. We're thinking big, we're doing big, we're dreaming big. Tip of the cap this morning to the LA Clippers.

OK. UCLA football. Roll the dice, man. You want to be second class forever in LA? They went after Chip Kelly. We applauded. The Angels, it's a Dodger town. We're going to go after it. Tip my cap to that.

And by the way, I love what the Clippers are doing this morning. Folks, you weren't going anywhere in Clipper land with DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin. What year is it? What year is it that your two best players can't shoot a jumper? Blake Griffin's mid-range shooting percentage this year is 23%.

So my two takeaways are, to me, Blake Griffin's always been the Hummer SUV commercial where they show you driving up mountains, and acute angles on ski chairs, and ski lifts, and ski mounds. And we're all like, oh, my god, that is so amazing? Nobody drives their SUV up there. It's a Tesla league. OK?

It is a league where you have to adapt, you have to be smart, you have to last, you have to shoot threes. Blake Griffin didn't fit. And the Clippers are clearing the books and they're going all in on the LeBron James pursuit. I love it. I absolutely love it.

By the way, go look at the 2009 draft that Blake Griffin was in. James Harden adapted his game. Steph Curry adapted his game. DeMar, DeRozan adapted their games. Who didn't? The number one pick, Blake Griffin. Still can't shoot.