New York State of Mind: If Belichick doesn’t retire, Colin Cowherd reveals why The Hoodie is Giants bound

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Reflecting on the report illuminating the augmenting tensions between Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft concerning the Jimmy Garoppolo trade and Tom Brady's 'alternative' trainer Alex Guerrero, Colin Cowherd reveals to Kristine Leahy why the New York Giants organization is the only spot The Hoodie would go.

- So the inevitable question becomes what does Belichick do next? Now, my belief is he's going to retire. But I will just say this. Let me just throw this out there. Boston and Belichick. His reputation is rock solid in Boston. If he left today, people would give him a standing O if he came back in 9 years, 10 years. OK? He's done everything. And this story, by the way, makes Belichick look a lot better than Brady. That's why, I think, it was probably planted by the Belichick people or leaked from the coach's perspective. Not Bill himself, but people who like Bill and support Bill.

The only place that I find kind of interesting-- the only place-- is that what is the one city Boston is insecure about? And I'm just going to let that bake for a couple seconds. What is the one city Boston's insecure about?

- Like as a city? Or as a sports--

- As a city.

- Are you going to say New York?

- Of course. New York's richer, prettier, more famous, more discussed, the hub of the Northeast. DC has the power. New York's got everything else. Boston's the stepbrother. You know Belichick's not going to the Jets. The New York Giants are looking for a coach. They are sitting on the number two pick and a great quarterback class. The team that beat New England twice in the Super Bowl. A roster that won 11 games the year before, and they bottomed out last year. It's just interesting. My guess is he retires. But he used to coach them. Had great admiration and respect for the organization. Absolutely respects the Mora family, the brand, and the way they do business. They give coaches extra years. The media wanted Tom Coughlin out years before he was gone.

Now, I think he's going to retire. I think he's going to retire, but I do think, if you back me into a corner, what is the one place that Belichick would go that would bother Kraft, that would be sticking it to him? Be the New York Giants. By the way, the New York Giants are worth more than the Patriots. The New York Giants have beaten the Patriots twice. And New York is the one city Boston can never be on the East coast.