Stephen Jackson talks David Fizdale’s firing, Reveals why he doesn’t respect Chandler Parsons as a player

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In his conversation with Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy, Stephen Jackson discusses David Fizdale's recent firing from the Memphis Grizzlies, revealing why he doesn't respect Chandler Parsons as an NBA player.

- So Fizdale got fired, and you're ticked off about it. He's a coach of Memphis. He's the data guy. He's the young guy that we all like.

By the way, he looks like-- he's got kind of a Princeton prof thing going on. He's got the glasses. What-- what's going-- why are you ticked?

- Well, I just felt like he got a raw deal. You know, anytime you get rid of guys like Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, guys like that--

HOST: Tough guys

- --you're not giving yourself a chance to win, you know. And this is the NBA. You need guys that wanted that, that care about the game. You need guys that's willing to fight and scratch to win.

You know, they got that name Grind City from those guys. You know, those guys grinded out a lot of games and a lot of wins. And when you take guys like that from a-- a coach like that, a grinder type of coach, a tough-minded coach like that, it kind of takes away from the team. And I think he got a raw deal.

HOST: By the way, you got into a Twitter spat last night with Chandler Parsons,


- Who you were not a fan of.


- I mean, you're not a fan of his.

- Not at all-- you know, and even the fact that he said it's a brotherhood, it's not a brotherhood like people think in the NBA. It's not like that. When I defended Ron and those-- and the fans-- and I got killed by a lot of my peers, a lot of guys that play.

So it's not a brotherhood. Guys don't have your back or are with you like they think. And there's 10 guys who I can say that are literally my brothers that's in the NBA.

HOST: 10 guys.

- 10 guys, you know-- so guys don't hang out. You know, you don't even see guys in the summertime. So it's not a brotherhood like you think. Some guys are cool and some not, and that's just realistic.

HOST: So Chandler Parsons-- by the way, he got a massive deal after a second surgery, right?

STEPHEN JACKSON: Second knee surgery.

- And got a fat deal.

STEPHEN JACKSON: And you've got guys that can't even get an opportunity, guys that's played 10, 12 years in the league that can't even get an opportunity that's never had surgeries. But you've got guys like that, you know, that-- he doesn't really care about basketball. And it's obvious. It's obvious to see. I mean, you get--

GUEST: What makes it obvious?

- Well, you give-- just say that-- I'm going to give you an example. You give a guy like Draymond Green $100 million and send him to Memphis. He doesn't play well, they don't win, they going to kill Draymond. He's going to be in the news every day.

Draymond is not this. He's not the player he was in Golden State, dah, dah, dah. You haven't heard one thing about Chandler Parsons.

HOST: Nothing.

- 8 points, 9 points, but you fire the head coach? Let's go to Pau Gasol. OK, Pau is one of the best big men in the league by far. We all know that, right?

Today's game, Pau has to do a little bit-- I mean, Marc has do a little bit more. Excuse me, Marc Gasol. He has do a little bit more.

HOST: Sure.

- The seven footers in today's game--

HOST: Gotta shoot.

- --are getting triple-doubles, playing point guard, Greek Freak, Simmons. You've got seven footers now that are playing point guard. You've got seven footers now that are getting 20 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, four, or five, or six blocks. You've got the two guys in New Orleans, they're covering the whole stat shoot.

HOST: Boogie and Anthony.

- Exactly. So you got guys like that that are doing more at the seven foot spot. So, Marc, you need to look at yourself too and not just try to single the coach out, because they're all in it together. And if they're not on the same page, these type of things happen. If somebody is going to get singled out, I just hate it had to be Fiz.

HOST: Well, I think you made a great point. He's a grinder coach. They took away his two grinders, and now they want him to be the fall guy.

- Right.

- Speaking of the fall guy, [INAUDIBLE]--

- And let me say this. And I don't mean to cut you off. Chandler, I don't know him as a person, so it's not personal. But it's strictly basketball.

You know, it's a lot of guys-- there's a lot of stars that I dominated in my career that I feel the same way about. So it's not personal. I just don't think he's that good to be getting paid $100 million.

HOST: And you don't think he loves the game?

- It's easy to see. It's easy to see. People don't want to say that.

I guarantee you if you bring in 10,000 Memphis Grizzlies fans, they're going to say the same thing. We paying him too much for what he's doing.

GUEST: That's personal a little bit.

- It's not personal. It's realistic.

- No--

- Just to not-- to not care?

- It's realistic, though.

- Well, no, I mean, honestly the reason-- that's an interesting point. Is that personal? I like-- you know, one of my rules in this business is I never criticize a coach or an athlete for being raw, because then I use it as a topic. I'd be a total hypocrite. I'm dying for people to say what you say, which is--

- Right.

- --take us inside the room, because I can't get access to the room. So when you say that, I know that you not only think that but players are probably texting you thinking the same thing.

- Oh, a lot of-- I've got a lot of texts from guys. And on my-- on my Instagram, if you look at my Twitter, they are agreeing with me.

HOST: I think that what you're saying about Chandler, though-- I'm not trying to defend you-- I think it's understood in the league. He's making a lot of money, and his passion has ebbed. He doesn't appear to be--

- Less hungry.

- I think that's a fair criticism. I think that's been said before.

- And players understand that. People on the outside looking in that are not athletes that hasn't played injured-- you know, I played with a broken toe, so I know what it's like to suck it up and play for your team hurt. Guys that's never been in that position, it's hard for them to understand. But fans of the Memphis Grizzlies, trust me, they're saying the same thing.