Here’s how Peyton Manning could end up in the Browns’ front office

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Albert Breer joins The Herd to explain to Colin Cowherd how Peyton Manning could possibly end up in the Cleveland Brown's front office.

- And I can tell you this-- the two veteran quarterbacks that Hue Jackson wanted the Browns to take a look at in February and March were AJ McCarron and Jimmy Garoppolo. What do we have now? Well, they didn't make a run at Jimmy Garoppolo before the trade deadline. He goes to San Francisco. And then they botched the trade for AJ McCarron.

So this thing's already a little sideways between coaching and scouting. I can't imagine this is gonna make it any better. And that's why Jimmy Haslam, I think-- even though his intention was to let these guys have a few years, let them build it up-- Jimmy Haslam's gonna have to look at his organization again. And maybe look at the idea of bringing in a football czar. You know one guy who he's very close with who could fit that description, right, Colin?


- Peyton Manning.

COLIN: Wow. To run the Cleveland Browns? Wow.

- Jimmy Haslam has a very, very close relationship with Peyton Manning. So I'm not saying that they blow it up after this year. I think Jimmy Haslam's intention has been to give these guys at least three or four years to build it up. But if coaching and scouting isn't aligned in the right way, the answer will be to go in and bring in a football czar.

You remember Denver had to do that in 2011. Their answer was John Elway. We know Peyton Manning has a desire to play that kind of role. I'm not sure whether or not he's ready to jump out of retirement, back into the football world again. But I do know that's a very close confidante of Jimmy Haslam's. Jimmy Haslam's a huge University of Tennessee booster. And Peyton Manning would probably be the first guy on his list if he were looking to bring a guy in to head the organization and set the agenda.