Colin reveals who he thinks is the most underrated team in the NFL

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Who is the most underrated team in the NFL? Colin has the answer.

- There is one NFL team that I think is massively underrated. And I just want to go a couple of minutes on this. This is not breaking news. But I am listening to all these shows talk about football. I don't think anybody understands how good Miami is. I think the Dolphins are really good. First of all, Jay Cutler is a perfect fit. Second of all, they have one of the top five running backs. Third, they have one of the best pass rushers. They have one of the best outside forces.

This DeVante Parker kid's a star. I think Adam Gase is one of these young, smart offensive guys like McVay and Kyle Shanahan. That's not a public name. I think this Adam Gase, I'm shocked. He's really good. By the way, he came in first year Tannehill, had his best year ever. This guy can coach. Jay Cutler's best year was Adam Gase. Tannehill's best year was Adam Gase. Figure it out. The guy can flat coach. That guy can flat coach.

And I looked at this division. The Bills have a defense and no offense. The Jets are tanking. And if you look at Miami's schedule-- put it up on the board-- most of their tough games are at home. They play Tennessee-- tough team-- at home. They play Oakland at home. They face Denver at home. That's-- they get some-- you know, those are three tough games. They get them at home. They also get the Jets twice. I watched that game against the Chargers.

I'm going to tell you something. Their offensive line's not ranked that high. Joy Bosa never got the Jay Cutler. I think their offensive line is better than everybody thinks. I think the Dolphins are the most underrated team in the league right now, and we only have one game on them. We haven't seen two games of film. So we're not really paying attention to them. Keep your eye on Miami.