Adrian Peterson is the most overrated NFL star in a decade

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Colin Cowherd offers up his opinion on Adrian Peterson's career. Is the New Orleans Saints RB actually overrated?

- I've said this for years about Adrian Peterson. He's the most overrated NFL star in a decade. He didn't translate to wins, but he was so powerful. And his big runs were so, were so Porsche-like. It was so dynamic that you forgot that he couldn't block, he couldn't catch, he didn't practice, had off field issues, and fumbled a ton.

But he was exceptional on those really powerful runs. But this happened in baseball, Pedro Martinez and Nolan Ryan. Pedro Martinez didn't have seven no hitters. He never threw a no hitter.

Pedro Martinez is significantly better than Nolan Ryan. But Nolan Ryan was the first guy that we talked about that threw 100. And he had seven no hitters. And so people look at Nolan Ryan as this iconic, all time figure.

He's half the pitcher of Pedro Martinez. Pedro Martinez played 10 fewer years and won almost double the ERA leader awards. Nolan Ryan never won a Cy Young award. In 10 fewer years, Martinez won three.

Pedro Martinez in the steroid era pitched in the American League East, baseball's best division. He had a significantly better walk to strikeout ratio, better ERA, more Cy Youngs, significantly higher win percentage, played in the thrust of his best years, his peak years in the toughest division in baseball, which had steroid users everywhere. And he was dominant.

But Nolan Ryan threw 100 miles an hour and had no hitters, which is just-- a no hitter in baseball's a hole in one. Yeah, it's great. But it doesn't mean you win the tournament. In fact, the guy who wins the tournament in the last 20 years doesn't hit hole in ones.

And this is Adrian Peterson. Off field issues, fumbling issues, can't catch, wasn't particularly deft at blocking-- didn't want to practice at the end of his career. If you stacked up Adrian Peterson and Tiki Barber's careers, they're actually pretty close. But you think of Peterson as a rockstar. And Tiki Barber quit the sport.