Jason McIntyre explains why he is more concerned with the Falcons than the Rams this weekend

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Danny Kanell, Jason McIntyre. Mark Schlereth and Charlie Weis talk Los Angeles Rams and Atlanta Falcons ahead of the 2018 NFL Playoffs.

- Danny, do you think playoff inexperience will doom the Rams?

- I do. I think it's the most underrated aspect when you look at teams. When you're breaking down the match ups and you're looking at who's playing who, it's easy to get caught up in Todd Gurley's close to MVP-like season. The wonderful job that Sean McVay has done, he's been spectacular this season. And to overlook the fact that neither one of them have a start in the playoffs at the two most important positions on the field.

Look at the-- we just saw the incredible college football playoff game between Oklahoma and Georgia. You know what? I saw Lincoln Riley, the Head Coach of Oklahoma make just a couple little-- the little-ist of mistakes. The squib kicked before half, running it three times. Like you get caught up. Even last year, Kyle Shanahan, his first Super Bowl performance, do you think he wouldn't like to have some play calls back in that 28-3 win? Every time it's going to come into play.

I only had one playoff start with the New York Giants. And I'll never forget, Rod Dowhower was my quarterback coach. And the week we come in there, it's our first practice, we just get there for meetings, he pulls me into his room and he's he kind of gave me a warning. He's like hey, he's like, we're excited. He's like, but this is different. And I was young and dumb--

JASON MCINTYRE: Oh, look, there you are Danny.

- --and so naive. And he tells me, he's like a lot of guys play in their careers and they never even get this opportunity. It's something special. The speed of the game is going to be different, the pressure's going to be different. We have this time to go to work and you have to try to do everything you can to prep yourself for this moment. And sure enough, in that game, I didn't play great but we also-- we started to implode.

We had a 19-3 lead. You start playing differently because you're thinking about the next round of the playoffs. We had guys fighting on the defensive side of the ball. Our best player, with the best hands, had a onside kick go through his hands. Like it's just--

JASON MCINTYRE: Yeah, that's not your fault, Danny.

- No, No, no. Clearly wasn't my fault. It's a totally different animal and the only way that you can truly learn from it is to be in that situation.

- I tried to get our staff to put together some of my playoff experience but I never got to the NFL. My big concern here actually is not really with the Rams, it's with the Falcons. With Steve Sarkisian as their offensive coordinator, you look at his playoff experience. What's he got?

CHARLIE: Was he the quarterback?

- No, but he's the quarterback coach. And his quarterback, Charlie, hold on, hold on. This quarterback, Matt Ryan, was--

CHARLIE: Was he the receiver?

JASON MCINTYRE: --the MVP of league last year.

CHARLIE: Is he Julio Jones?

JASON MCINTYRE: And if you look at Matt Ryan's--


JASON MCINTYRE: --stat's this year, Charlie. Charlie?

CHARLIE: Freeman?

JASON MCINTYRE: Have you looked at his stats this year?

CHARLIE: Coleman?

JASON MCINTYRE: Matt Ryan's falling off a cliff--

CHARLIE: Do you want me to keep going?

JASON MCINTYRE: --in every category. Julio Jones--

CHARLIE: Weren't all those guys--

JASON MCINTYRE: How many touchdown catches--

CHARLIE: Did they make the playoffs last year?

JASON MCINTYRE: --under Steve Sarkisian? Three. Three.

- Hold it, did Atlanta make the playoffs last year?

- No, no.

JASON MCINTYRE: I mean Charlie, you're discounting--

- I could have swore I saw them in February.

- Yeah, I thought so, too.

- You know, maybe I didn't--

- When they were choking 28-3.

- But they got there. It's half the battle.

- Hey, only two teams get to get to that game. OK? Only two teams get there. OK? And you can sit there 28-3, you could give about 10 different reasons why that happened. One was that number 12 guy from New England.

OK, but as we mentioned before, I think that Kyle Shanahan would like to have called three runs on the 22-yard-line, OK. And that 50-year-old field goal kicker kick another field goal that he never misses. And that would have been the end of that game.

OK, that's only one scenario. I'm only picking one thing from that game. With all the things that happened in that game, there are a lot of things that happened could have made it different. But all the experience that team got going to that game, that's-- look it. Ask him. OK, he played, asked him.

- No. Experience, obviously experience matters. All those things matter. You know what matters to me more? Because you'll see it in Super Bowls all the time. You'll see one really experienced team and a team that hasn't done it very often. You know what matters? Is just how you play in that particular game. And sometimes experience-- you can put yourself in a pressure situation.

Just tell me who's going to play this like it's a game, like it's any other game. And I know that it's not any other game. But the team that ends up playing that way, whether you're young or whether you're old, those are the teams that play well.

Does experience matter? Experience always matters. It's always imperative to have experience but I'm just going to tell you, the team that goes out there and executes is a team that is going to win this regardless if the have experience or not.

- So is the inexperience of the Rams going to doom them?

- OK, let me just say this. I've been--

- Doom is strong, that's not my word.

- I've been in a situation where I've been on very experienced teams and we won. I went on a run in 1997 as a sixth-seed wildcard where myself and one or two other guys had Super Bowl experience. And the team we beat in the Super Bowl went to the Super Bowl and won the Super Bowl the year before. They had-- everybody was experienced.

But you know what? One team out executed the other and that's really what it boils down to is how do you play? How do you show up? Does experience help you in that situation? I do believe it does but you know, I've seen it go both ways. I just--

- Maybe

- --don't know.

- Maybe Sean McVay can throw in some film from the last time the Rams made the play off.

And And he can-- if he was watching that when he was-- we have

JASON MCINTYRE: He was one year old--

- No, look how old. This is some mack-tion for you at Ohio. This is his coll-- look at this, he's a baby face right there. I will say this, he had the perfect answer, I thought, in that press conference. Like you have to be impressed with everything that--

- That picture was taken last year.

- It's hard to tell. I mean, Goff looked like the older one of those two guys going at it.

- His defensive coordinator has had more years of coaching in the NFL than Sean McVay has been alive.

- Wade Phillips.

- Wade Phillip's.

- And that was obviously that a big reason he wanted to bring him with him, So--

- He's experienced, baby.

- It's a package deal, for sure.