Jason Whitlock explains why the Packers should rush Aaron Rodgers back if Green Bay is in the playoff hunt

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Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Greg Jennings and Eric Dickerson talk Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers.

- If the Packers are still in the playoff hunt, would you rush him back?

JASON WHITLOCK: Without question. It's Aaron Rodgers. He's clearly working really hard because he wants to play this season. And so, yeah, if they're in the playoff hunt-- the guy's 32, 33 years old. You only get so many chances.

- By the way, Goff's only get better, Wentz is only getting better, the Cowboys are missing Zeke, Case Keenum could be quarterback of the Vikings. I'm going to tell you something. Seattle's got Richard Sherman out.

JASON WHITLOCK: So you're saying rush him back?

- I don't like the word rush. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl with one arm. The NFC--

ERIC DICKERSON: With a phenomenal defense, not a-- but a phenomenal defense.

- You wouldn't rush him back?

ERIC DICKERSON: Absolutely not.

- Absolut--

- What?

ERIC DICKERSON: Hell, no. Hell, no. Not no.

- Go, go ahead.

ERIC DICKERSON: Man, are you out of your mind? No way you rush him back. For what? Look, this team is mediocre at best. They're going to win maybe five games.

JASON WHITLOCK: Oh, they've already won five.

ERIC DICKERSON: All right, like I say, they going to win five games. Stop right there. That's it. Man, no way do you bring him back. All right, how old is Tom Brady?

- 39.

- 40.

ERIC DICKERSON: How old is Aaron Rodgers?

- 33.

ERIC DICKERSON: There you go. He'd like to probably play. Man, come on. You don't do that. That's crazy.

- This is why you don't rush him back. If they are in playoff contention, that means Brett Hundley is playing pretty decent football.

JASON WHITLOCK: Did you watch him against Chicago?

- I did. Not but my point is if you're saying that we can bring Aaron Rodgers back because we have a shot, that mean Brett Hundley has done some things to put you in the position to where you are. Now, it's his throwing arm. I could see if it was not. Another thing, if you had one quarterback-- and let's take Tom Brady out of it.

- All right

- But if you had just one other quarterback outside of the name of Tom Brady that didn't need to practice, that didn't need to be sharpened on the practice field, would you be comfortable putting Aaron Rodgers in with no practice?

- I would.

- Absolutely. So if he is ready, he doesn't need the practice. He doesn't need the time. So just let him heal up. And if it's in the playoffs, if you make it and he's ready to go 100%, he doesn't need that practice time. He doesn't need a game to get ready. He doesn't need practice to get ready.

ERIC DICKERSON: You're right. Play off?

- Listen, man, it's the NFC right now. Seattle's disjointed offensively, Case Keenum, young Goff, you get Green Bay, you get Aaron Rodgers in, [INAUDIBLE], Dallas is off.

JASON WHITLOCK: I'm listening to these two guys.

ERIC DICKERSON: That's for the future.

JASON WHITLOCK: But again, Aaron Rodgers has the power. If he doesn't want to play, he's not going to play. It's going to be his call. He seems to be working very hard--

- Yes.

JASON WHITLOCK: --to come back--

- Yes.

ERIC DICKERSON: Man, he might just be working hard to get well. But you can't-- all right, just say he goes out and plays, and he does it again to his shoulder. And that's a possibility.

- Got a whole off season.

ERIC DICKERSON: The same surgery all over again? You're talking about now can he come back. Look, if you do that, you might as well just run a jackass across the screen and let him play football. No, that's stupid.

- This is your franchise quarterback. This is not a fix it quick remedy right here. This is it. This is your guy.

JASON WHITLOCK: Here's where I would agree with you all, with these quarterbacks, Drew Brees, Tom Brady playing well at 40 and close to 40 years old. You do probably you need to take a more long term approach with Aaron Rodgers. Let's make sure he's healthy so that he can play the next five, six, seven years for the Green Bay Packers. But I'm just sorry. I think he's probably a competitor.

- Yes.

JASON WHITLOCK: And if there's any chance--

- No doubt about it. Anybody who has the opportunity to get back on the field wants to get back on the field.

ERIC DICKERSON: [INAUDIBLE] you can't. You can't do that. We can't take the risk of you possibly getting hurt. You're going have to sit this one out.

- By the way, here's who could really use Aaron Rodgers. I know this doesn't matter in the big picture. But these are some of the quarterback matchups this weekend. Now just take a look at some of these quarterback matchups.


The NFL could use Aaron Rodgers. I know you're all excited about Andy versus potentially Paxton Lynch. But--

- Kellen Clemens versus Nathan Peterman, that sounds like a fraternity rush party or something that pledges.

- Wow.