Nick Wright on Dwyane Wade’s impressive, 28-PT night in Heat’s win over 76ers: ‘That was an awesome story’

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Turning back time, thirty-six year-old Dwyane Wade delivered a stellar, 28-point performance in 26 minutes off the bench to boost the Heat to a 113-103 win and snap Philadelphia's 17-game win streak. In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reveals what was so impressive about Wade's throwback night, going as far to cement him as one of the four best players to ever play the position.

- All right, so let's talk about how he factors into what happened last night. Sixers won big, game one. We assumed this was going to be a route. It almost looked easy. They didn't have Joel Embiid. Game two, they still don't have Joel Embiid. Everything looked different. It seemed like it was because of Dwayne Wade. What did you see last night? What was the difference?

- Well last night, in watching the game, It made me go back to what were we thinking before the series started. And we thought that they might struggle a little bit, especially without Joel Embiid. But they come out. They blitz Miami in the third quarter. Because a lot of people forget, at halftime, the Sixers were losing. You know, so, Miami didn't match up with him over a good part of that game. But people saw the end result. And now they start talking about looking ahead, because this is a young team. They start looking ahead. Start potentially talking about a sweep. And then they ran into Dwayne Wade.

So you can criticize Philadelphia for not being able to get it done. But Dwayne Wade had on of the historic performances that we've seen in the playoffs. The best that we've ever seen from a Heat player coming off the bench. And without that, they don't win that game. So that's what I saw. A young team who ran into a guy who's got Championship pedigree, Championship experience, and he gives them a lift. A lift like they've never had in all the Heat playoff games. And I'll tell you, as a season ticket holder for a long time for the Heat, to say Dwayne Wade played better than anyone that's ever come off the bench, that's the type of performance it took to Miami to get the series tied up one to one.

- All right, so from the Sixers perspective. I'm going to get to D-Wade in a moment, because everything C.C. Said is correct there. And I think we can amplify it a bit even more. This series should be one to one. Like, just look at the 3-point shooting. In game one, the Sixers were unconscious, and they won the game going away. Yesterday, they couldn't hit a shot. And they were trailing for the bulk of-- not the bulk of, the entirety of the second half. They had one run that D-Wade ended, which we'll show you how he ended it in a second.

But like, you're 17 of 27. from 3. Then you're 7 of 36 from 3. Like, guess what, usually things kind of, you know, regress to the mean. They did it real quick. So this series should be 1-1. And the Sixers are not a drastically better team than Miami when Joel Embiid is not out there.


- Like, it's about a coin flip if Joel Embiid's not out there. The reason I think people were so confident after game one is people were believing, well Embiid will definitely be back at least for game three. The Sixers just blew them out of the water. But now we don't know if he's going to be back for game three. We also saw that Justise Winslow can guard Ben Simmons a little better than we saw in game one. There were some things there.

But the story is different this morning if the Sixers execute that comeback. They were down 16. They end up going on a run. They cut it to two points. And D-Wade had a brilliant first half. But then he had a quiet second half. In the first half, he was 8 of 9 for 21 points. The one missed shot was a 2-for-1 3-pointer that he took just because the math said you should. Wasn't a good shot. Or wasn't a high percentage shot, I should say.

And so let's show the audience how Dwayne Wade saved this game. The Sixers have cut it to 4, or cut it to 2. They have all the momentum. There's four minutes left. There's D-Wade, stripping the ball, and then getting a dunk. Now it's a 4-point game. Next time down the court. Who orchestrates the play? D-Wade, from 32 feet away with a brilliant pass after stepping away from the pick. Next time down the court, now you're up 6. You missed a layup. Here comes D-Wade. Crashing in, getting the rebound over a bigger Robert Covington and leading to a Dragic jump shot. Time out. 8-point game. And it wasn't quite game over, but it felt like game over.

D-Wade burst onto the scene in 2003 with a triple double in the Elite Eight to take Marquette to the final four. 2003. It is now 2018, and he was the best player on the court in an NBA playoff game. Like, that is why he's one of the four best players in the history of his position. Why he's one of the 20 best players in the history of the franchise. And why I'm glad that he gets this final chapter in Miami. That he did go back to Miami. That Cleveland did trade him, and he gets to do this for them. That was an awesome story last night.