Nick Wright on Warriors: ‘Anything short of a championship is a massive disappointment’

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In their reaction to Steve Kerr's comments about Golden State entering the playoffs with the ultimate intention to 'hang another banner,' Nick Wright and Cris Carter discuss with Jenna Wolfe the challenges that lie ahead for the Warriors in the Western Conference Playoffs.

- You're damn straight that's what their plan should be. I understand the Houston Rockets have had a remarkable season-- 65 wins. But just two years ago there was a team that won 67 games, and nobody thought they had a shot to win the championship. Why? Because of these guys. They had won 73 games that year.

The Golden State Warriors did. The team that I'm talking about there was the Spurs. Spurs didn't even get out of the second round to end up getting to face the Golden State Warriors. And that was before they had Kevin Durant.

I'm in a position right now where I think the Rockets are better, and that is partially about the Rockets. But it's also about the Warriors this year being disappointing. So without the Warriors this year-- it's one thing to not take November serious. Maybe December we're worried about Christmas and shopping, and they've got these lovely families on the team they got to worry about.

January-- well, let's get to the trade. At some point, take the year serious. At some point, remind everybody, oh yeah, we are the most talented team that has ever existed in the history of this league. At some point have a stretch of basketball where it's like, oh, that's how they went 16 and 1 in the NBA playoffs last year, including winning 15 straight to start the playoffs. They haven't done that.

And so as good as I believe Houston is, Steve Kerr is totally correct that anything short of a championship is a massive disappointment for them. The likes of which we haven't seen-- I would argue-- since the Heat failed to win a championship against the Mavericks LeBron's first year. This, to me, would be more of a disappointment--

- No, I think the teams are better than Dallas was than the other teams in the NBA, who LeBron beat in the East to get there, all right? It wasn't LeBron. So in doing that, in defeating-- if was LeBron in the final and there was no Houston in the west for Dallas that year. Let alone there being a Golden State and a Houston. Those teams are a lot better than a Dallas team that beat LeBron.

- Agreed. But that's why I was-- maybe I said it awkwardly. Because that Dallas team wasn't great, and they and that's why that was such a level of disappointment for that Miami Heat team. This Golden State team is great. Their competition's better. I understand that part of it.

- If they lost to Cleveland, it would be a disappointment. Them losing to Houston wouldn't be a disappointment.

- Really? You don't think losing to Houston wouldn't be a disappointment? This team? With this level of expectations?

- Man, you're the one who taught me the history the NBA. This team won 65 games. There's only 20 teams done that, right? 15 of those teams won the NBA championship. Now, we have not seen a team in our lifetime have the type of success that we have seen with the Golden State Warriors.

So the question is-- the intention to hang another banner? If you could tell me over the next three years-- the 2018, '19, and '20 season-- there's one team in basketball, who would you take the chance to win the most championships? It would be Golden State.

- Right.

- So every year for the next three or four years, their intention is to hang a banner. So I'm with Steve Kerr. Absolutely. That should be their goal. There's no one that has a roster like their roster.

Now, are they able to get to that? Are they able to get to the type of basketball that they've played the last three years? That's what we're going to have to see. Their reserve players-- David West-- people don't talk about him a lot. Now, he had a solid season. How is the rest of the bench?

Iguodala, Livingston.

- How are these players going to play? Because we focus all the attention on the marquee players. But if they don't get great bench play, I don't see them hanging another banner this year.