Doug Gottlieb’s not impressed with Houston’s win over the T-Wolves: ‘I’ve seen James Harden flame out enough’

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Reflecting on the Houston Rockets' win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, Doug Gottlieb explains to Cris Carter and Eboni Williams why he doesn't believe James Harden and Chris Paul's squad can compete with Steph Curry, KD and the Golden State Warriors for a championship.

- It's weird because I think most teams, if you added Joe Johnson, at this point in the season, you're like, man, Joe Johnson was getting buckets last year when the Jazz beat the Clippers. Joe Johnson can get-- can get buckets. But it strikes me as a team that, despite their record, and even though you'd say you're adding kind of to a talent base, you're still searching for something. And he just doesn't fit what they've been about to get to this place, right?

- It helps the first three quarters, but there's a conflict in what they're trying to do in the fourth quarter.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: Right, they want ball movers, not ball stoppers. And Joe Johnson is a ball stopper. Chris Paul can be a ball stopper. James Harden can be a ball stopper. And like, look, a bad shot or an isolation play can be like the flu. One dude's got it, the next dude's got it, the next he's got it, and pretty soon, you have what you had in Cleveland the last month and a half, right?


- So forgive me, but I'm-- I'm going to-- I'm not going to buy the stock of the Houston Rockets because I've seen James Harden flame out enough. I've seen Mike D'Antoni play him it out enough. And I love Chris Paul, but I've yet to see him stay healthy long enough to not flame out too early in the playoffs.

Until otherwise convinced, I'm going to go with the Golden State Warriors to being the more-- the far more likely team because I don't even know if Houston is going to get past San Antonio. Couldn't do it last year. I don't know if they're going to get past Oklahoma City, even before they get to the Golden State Warriors.

- Yeah, yeah, that's real.

-That's very real.