Nick Wright weighs in on LaVar Ball’s threats to pull Lonzo from Lakers: ‘You’re playing this wrong, man!’

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Reflecting on LaVar Ball's latest threats that he will pull Lonzo away from the Lakers if the Purple & Gold don't sign LiAngelo and LaMelo, Nick Wright reveals how Lavar's controversial media storm will derail Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka from attracting LeBron James, let alone another star player who could truly elevate the historic SoCal franchise. How do you think LaVar's antics will impact Lonzo's career?

NICK WRIGHT: LaVar went on "Undisputed," with Skip and Shannon, and committed. Once Lonzo goes to the Lakers, I'm out of it. I'm worried about LaMelo and LiAngelo, but I'm out of the-- I'm out of Lonzo's business, as far as his professional career. That clearly was not true.

But I also want to let-- 'cause, listen, LaVar has said things about you and I both. And I only mention that to say, LaVar is aware of us and aware of the show. So let me speak to LaVar directly for a moment.

You're playing this wrong, man. There are instances of the brother being signed as a favor to the better big brother. JR Smith got Chris Smith a deal with the Knicks when Chris Smith was not even a D-league level player. Goran Dragic got Zoran Dragic a deal with the Heat when Zoran was not an NBA player. If LaMelo turns into--

- Now, those weren't guaranteed contracts.


- Yeah.

NICK WRIGHT: But he got him a shot. If LaMelo-- sorry, Lonzo turns into a star, I don't think there's-- he can-- I don't think his stardom would reach down and pull up LiAngelo. But if LaMelo were to continue on the top 15 prospect trajectory, maybe he could help him out. But instead of Lonzo being able to help LaMelo or LiAngelo get some type of look with the Lakers, what's going to end up happening is, Lonzo is going to end up not with the Lakers.

Because let's not forget this. The Lakers are not big fish hunting. They are whale hunting this offseason.

- Yes.

NICK WRIGHT: This offseason, they're going after the most prized asset in sports-- LeBron James. And do you think--

- And another asset.

NICK WRIGHT: And another--

- Magic was very, very clear.

NICK WRIGHT: Right, at least two guys.

- Yes.

NICK WRIGHT: Do you think NBA empowered, in LeBron's case, near billionaire, in Paul George's case, hundred-millionaire guys, want to, as an added bonus of going to Los Angeles, get to deal with the LaVar Ball circus, when his-- especially if his son is shooting 35% from the field and giving you 12 points a game? Like, this-- LaVar-- I don't know if he spoke it into existence, but everything up until the draft lottery went perfectly for him. And everything since the draft lottery, it's like he's been working against it.