Nick Wright reacts to Cleveland Cavaliers’ trade rumors surrounding Kemba Walker and DeAndre Jordan

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Nick Wright reacts to the trade rumors surrounding Kemba Walker and DeAndre Jordan potentially heading to the Cleveland Cavaliers, detailing why LeBron's squad needs to act fast before their season has been derailed.

- We've been waiting for this now for a month. And now, the reports out of Cleveland are concerning because from people on the ground there that do really good job-- Joe Vardon, Brian Windhorst, people that have covered the team a long time-- they say, man, Dan Gilbert is-- is loudly telling people, I got my one championship, I got the Nets pick. Don't really care. I'm running the team. They-- that he is the de facto GM in place of Koby Altman.

CRIS: Right.

- That he is one of the reasons they did-- that he-- again, this not my speculation. This is people that cover the team every day. One of the reasons they didn't bring David Griffin back is because Dan Gilbert evidently wanted to try his hand at this team management stuff, which thus far has gone disastrously for them. They could have used David Griffin when the Kyrie trade was going down, with-- throughout the season.

And now, they've got-- you've been asking me all year long, Jenna, what will it take for me to be concerned about the Cleveland Cavaliers? Well, as we sit here on February 6, if we are sitting here on the morning of February 9 and they have the same roster they have right now--

- You will be?

- I will be concerned because, right now, they traded their second-best player for who has been the worst starting point guard in the NBA in Isaiah Thomas. I think he will get better. I don't know how much better he will get. Kevin Love is out until the tail end of the regular season. Like, they need to make a significant move. I still believe they will, but they haven't yet. And so, of course, there's-- there's reason to discuss and concern yourself with it.