Justice league: LeBron James is Batman and leaving the Cavs for the Warriors would be the ultimate Robin move

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Joining Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First, Chris Broussard compares LeBron James to Batman, explaining why the NBA's Dark Knight cannot, under any circumstance, leave The Land's Cavaliers to join Steph Curry and Kevin Durant because it would be the 'ultimate Robin move.' How would this affect King James' legacy if he left Cleveland for Golden State?

- What do you think are the greater chances-- and you talked about this earlier this morning. That LeBron stays in Cleveland, or that he goes to Golden State?

- That's interesting.

- I'd be more surprised if he went to Golden State. I think there's a better chance he stays in Cleveland. He can not, under any circumstances, if Golden State wins the title, go there. I mean, even if they don't, it wouldn't look good. This can not happen.

LeBron James said, two days ago, I am not going to do more without Kevin Love. I do me. No matter who's on the court, I don't change my game.

Why? Because LeBron James is a Batman. He's not a Robin. And if going to Golden State will be the ultimate Robin move. I have more faith in LeBron James' game, I have more faith in him as a competitor. And I think he has more faith in his game than to go join such a stacked team.

And if he didn't have enough faith in himself, then somebody on his team-- Rich Paul, Maverick Carter, Savannah-- you need to be like, no honey, no.

- Not going to happen.

- No.