Nick explains why Dak Prescott is under tremendous pressure tonight when the Cowboys face the Redskins

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright explains why Dak Prescott is under tremendous pressure to perform tonight in the Dallas Cowboys Week 13 matchup against the Washington Redskins.

- So Nick, how much pressure is on Dak Prescott tonight?

- I think this is the most pressure he's been on at any moment in his career. I will include the Green Bay playoff game, because as we can see-- as we saw-- they could lose that playoff game. And no one's going to kill Dak. Now, Dak played really well in that game. Maybe had he played very poorly, he would have gotten more criticism.

But he was so good his rookie year, winning Offensive Rookie of the Year, being 13-3-- really, 13-2-- as a starter. He had built up such a grace, if you will-- such a margin of error, that he was playing somewhat carefree football.

This year, coming into the year, he's the talk of the NFL-- the Dallas Cowboys. This is the first year they have real legitimate Super Bowl aspirations, or really only the second year in the last decade. And now all of a sudden, he has faced the first true adversity of his career, and he has not responded well to it.

The three game stretch he has played, and the Dallas Cowboys offensive played without Zeke, is the worst three game stretch any offense in the NFL has played all year long. And people are going to start asking, if you are not even above average without Ezekiel Elliott, are you an above-average quarterback at all?

So I think it is tremendous pressure for Dak Prescott to play a good football game tonight.