Nick Wright says Deshaun Watson is one of the Top 5 QB’s right now, Here’s why

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Nick Wright tells Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe that Richard Sherman is wrong about Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson because Watson is already one of the very best quarterbacks in the NFL.

- Richard Sherman is wrong because Richard Sherman says he's going to be-- that's in the future-- one of the five best quarterbacks in football. This year, he's already been one of the five best quarterbacks in football. Like, this year, I'll give you Brady, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees. I'll even give you Aaron Rodgers even though he's hurt now.

- Yeah.

- The rest of that top five is Deshaun Watson. Can he maintain it? I think he can. Ah, they lost their left tackle, but they didn't have their left tackle but for one game, Duane Brown. Like, it's not like he'd been relying on Duane Brown all season long.

- Right. It will make it more complicated.

- I am-- I'm just looking at where you have Deshaun Watson in, like, the categories that matter. In passer rating, where is he? Oh, he's top five. In passing touchdowns? Oh, he's number one. In yards per pass, which is my favorite stat-- how many yards are you getting each time you throw the football? Complete or incomplete, what's the average? Oh, he's number two at 8.3.

He is already playing like one of the very best quarterbacks in football. And to go into Seattle and do something no quarterback in the history of the league has ever done, have at least 400 yards passing, 50 yards rushing, four touchdowns-- no one's ever done that. That is your not just welcome to the league moment, but welcome to this elite tier moment.