Nick Wright reacts to Cam Newton’s childish press conference exit

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Nick Wright discusses with Danny Kanell, Mark Schlereth and Jenna Wolfe Cam Newton's mental state in reaction to his abrupt, immature exit from a Carolina Panthers' press conference when he was questioned about his team's offensive ability.

- Jenna, this was the final part of his apology. He was trying to make it clear, you guys think I'm only a jerk to the female Latino reporters. I'm being a jerk to the old, white, male reporters, too. I'm an equal opportunity jerk to all the media members. Don't make this a race or gender thing.

- I know. But you said, you know, as an NFL quarterback, not just as an NFL quarterback, you are the face of this franchise.

- Well that's why it's--

- You are the franchise. There is no Panthers team, this year, without you.

- Well, I think that is interesting. Because I think that's part of his frustration. But before I explain some of the frustration, I want to make this clear. Everything you're saying is correct. Like it-- with no disrespect to you or your position group, one of the reasons it's OK the offensive linemen didn't talk is because people didn't really want to talk to the offensive linemen.

But if John Elway didn't talk, it's a problem. Like the quarterback-- one of the reasons the quarterback gets to make the most money, gets to have the endorsements, is because--

- Comes a responsibility.

- --there are added responsibilities.

- Sure.

- It's-- DeShone Kizer, the rookie quarterback for the Browns, he was out until one in the morning Friday night. Friday night a lot of NFL players go out. It's one of the two nights of the week, Friday night and Monday night, where you can actually go out. But he's the quarterback. So it is viewed differently.

Cam, of course, has to know this. Right?

- Yeah.

- So he shouldn't act like that. I am not justifying that-- I'm not justifying the behavior. What I do believe though, is that how Cam acts in a press conference has nothing to do with how he's going to play on Sunday.

Like that we saw, after he walked out of the press conference and had that whole controversy, his best game of the year. Like the-- I don't think they're correlated as far as his performance. There might be some character traits that lead to spotty performance that also lead to him-- his immaturity at the press conference.

But I don't think you can be like ah, bad press conference this week, it makes the Panthers job harder this week.

- Here's where I would disagree with you.