John Lynch says it took ’10 minutes’ to decide to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

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49ers general manager John Lynch joins Colin Cowherd to discuss how impressed he has been with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

- You know, you're on the phone with Belichick and the Patriots and take me through the process. What were you thinking as you were working that deal to get Garoppolo?

- Well you know, it's something that we had worked on during the off season for about 30 seconds when I called Bill and he quickly shut me down.


It wasn't an option. And so we had really moved on. And we were watching CJ Beathard and we were pleased with the way he was developing. And pleased with the way our team was developing, despite you know, losing a bunch of close games. And we felt like we were making progress though.

And then all of a sudden the opportunity became available and it took us, Kyle and I, about 10 minutes to decide that this was the thing to do. And he's a guy that Kyle studied a lot coming out of Eastern Illinois. I had watched the limited film there was and really was a fan. And it's hard not to be. You watch his skills. You take a little bit a leap of faith on everything else and the fact that there isn't a huge sample size. But what we saw, we really liked. And then you listen to Bill and everybody at New England who talks about the guy. And I can tell you that it's all been better than advertised since we've had an opportunity to work with him.

- Was there a first practice, was there a moment earlier when he got into your camp and building, did you notice something maybe that wasn't football? Work habits? I mean, when did it click for you initially, and you went, yeah, we made the right decision?

- Well, you know one thing that Bill talked a lot about once we made the deal is, hey, you're gonna like this guy. You're gonna love this guy in terms of the way his teammates respond to him. And that just became apparent. Certain people just have it. And even in a new environment where they're around new people. A NFL locker room mid-season's not an easy environment just to insert yourself in, particularly at that division. And the ease with which he did that and the way his teammates accepted him right away, I think it speaks volume to the type of guy and the type of leader that he is. And that showed right away.

- You know, John, listen. You got Russell Wilson in that division. You have Sean McVay and Jared Goff. Is part of this you looking around the NFC as a GM and thinking, you got Carson Wentz, and you got Rodgers and Russell, now in my division I've got Goff. Is part of this now, in the NFL-- John, even if you weren't completely sure on Garoppolo, you're unarmed if you don't have a quarterback. Like you almost have to roll the dice at that position, don't you?

- Oh, no doubt. I mean, and to do it for the compensation that was presented in the deal. That's why it was a no-brainer for us. And you know, he's looking pretty darn good thus far. And it frees you up in the draft to go focus on building your team around him. And that's something we're very much looking forward to doing.

Absolutely, that is the position in this league. And I think we talk about it all the time, but now we've lived it. And you see how when a guy comes in at that position and plays at a high level-- You know, I really feel like the rest of our team was getting better. We played a lot of rookies early on.


- We've been injured a lot. But a guy like that comes in at this position and his play just kind of elevated everyone else's play. And we've been watching that and enjoying that ride.