Dana White: If CM Punk loses, it's up to him whether he fights again

BY Damon Martin • February 4, 2016

Former WWE superstar CM Punk is closer than ever to finally making his UFC debut but as curious as everyone seems to be about his first MMA fight, there are still plenty of questions about how he'll actually do inside the Octagon.

Punk was mostly a fan of the sport who dabbled in Brazilian jiu-jitsu when he wasn't performing in the ring, but he's expected to make his first appearance in a UFC fight this summer.

Punk will likely face Mickey Gall in his debut -- if the fellow UFC newcomer wins this weekend in his fight with Mike Jackson at UFC Fight Night: Hendricks vs. Thompson.

UFC president Dana White still isn't sure what to expect out of Punk when he makes his first appearance but he's giving him the chance to live out his dream. If Punk loses in lopsided fashion, White says it's up to him whether or not he'll keep going.

"That's going to be up to him," White said on the "Grant and Danny Show" on Thursday. "So CM Punk was a wrestler in the WWE, he was a big fan of the UFC and he ended up leaving the WWE and he said 'Dana, my dream is to fight in the UFC, I want to fight in the UFC, will you let me fight?' so we're giving him a fight. We're bringing in a kid who has obviously a little more experience than he does, if he wins this fight this Saturday he'll be 2-0 and Punk is 0-0. We'll see how it goes for him."

"He will decide what he wants to do after that."

The only people who know how Punk is doing thus far in his training are the coaches and teammates surrounding him in Milwaukee.

Punk has been training for the past year at Duke Roufus' academy in Wisconsin as he learns the ropes of fighting while preparing for his UFC debut.

Punk will know for sure who he's facing if Gall is successful in his fight on Saturday night, and then the real preparation will begin as the former pro wrestler will finally book his first UFC matchup.

Where he goes after that will be a mystery until after the fight happens.