Watch Arjen Robben's teammates hysterically cry with laughter at his temper tantrum

BY Caitlin Murray • March 20, 2017

Bayern Munich came away with a solid 1-0 over Borussia Monchengladbach on Sunday night, so all of the Bavarians should be pretty happy, right?

Not Arjen Robben. He was steaming mad and threw a tantrum at being subbed off in the 85th minute and, instead of offering empathy, his teammates just found his reaction hilarious. Really, really hilarious.

Xabi Alonso and Franck Ribery basically became a real-life crying-with-laughter emoji as they watched Robben freak out. Take a look:

The best visual of the whole bit is Robben pouting, shaking his head with anger, as Ribery and Jerome Boateng sit two feet from him, laughing their heads off. They didn't try to hide their amusement at all -- it's an A+ bit of trolling and Robben is just too mad to care.

Carlo Ancelotti, who was on the receiving end of an angry brush-off from Robben, said he didn't mind his player's reaction.

"I was never happy when I got substituted either when I still played," the Bayern coach told reporters after the game. "I do not have any problem with Robben's reaction."

Neither do we, because it was hilarious. Robben may be a 33-year-old man, but his tantrum would make any small child proud.