Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun: Is the bromance over?

BY foxsports • July 26, 2013

Well, it's been a rocky stretch for the power couple from Wisconsin. Once up a time, they were kings of the landscape. Aaron Rodgers was a Super Bowl-winning quarterback and Ryan Braun was an MVP and part of a team that revitalized baseball in the beer state. They were even partners in the restaurant business, as co-owners of 8-Twelve MVP Bar and Grill in Brookfield.

READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? • See the best action from training campAre you ready for fantasy football season?Take a look at NFL’s FOXiest fans Fast forward and the pair's paths have diverged. Rodgers is still doing his thing, but Braun has been suspended for the remainder of the 2013 season for his ties to performance-enhancing drugs and is social pariah. What's worse? Braun LIED to his good buddy about whether or not he used PEDs. Rodgers said that Braun "looked at me in the eye on multiple occasions and repeatedly denied the allegations, said they weren't true." (Watch the video right HERE) Ouch. What made it worse is that Rodgers had backed up his buddy when people out there were throwing barbs at Braun over PEDs a year ago. Serious egg on Rodgers' face right there. This young lady on Twitter said it best:

  I've got an addition for the 8-12 menu: Maybe when you order the 12 oz. New York Strip Steak, you can get a side of french LIES! (sorry, had to be said) So, what's next? Every good relationship is based on trust. And when lies start coming into the equation, that's when things get screwed up. Pretty soon, Rodgers might come to the conclusion that he can't respect Braun anymore. A bromance divided among itself cannot survive. And that will lead to an eventual conversation like this:

To be fair, Rodgers is trying to be diplomatic. "Obviously, in hindsight, a more measured approach next time would obviously be a better course of action. People make mistakes. I definitely believe in forgiveness and moving forward," Rodgers said to the Associated Press. "Obviously, he has a tough task in front of him moving forward with his career, on and off the field." Our advice to Ryan Braun? Start groveling. Show Aaron that you're sorry and will never do it again. Be a better man. Then maybe, MAYBE, you can truly move on. Or, you'll end up in the bromance landfill along with McConaughey-Armstrong and Martin-Lewis.