Stars head coach Jim Montgomery talks opening night in Dallas

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Stars head coach Jim Montgomery talks opening night in Dallas

INTERVIEWER 1: Well, Coach, there's always a little more hoopla and fanfare to an opening game, as opposed to others. So what's your message to these guys entering tonight?

JIM MONTGOMERY: Well, I had a message ready that hey, you know, it's opening night. But let's play on our toes. But I had to actually switch it, because guys were pretty tight this morning. And I told them I thought I was going to be the nervous one, not you guys. You guys have been through this a few times, except for a couple of you. But that was the message. I was trying just to loosen it up and to focus on our process for tonight.

INTERVIEWER 2: And for some of those young kids that are doing this for the first time-- Dickinson, Hanzal, Heiskanen. Do you give them any advice about enjoying a moment like this, but also remembering they've got a game to try and win?

JIM MONTGOMERY: It's exactly what it is. Enjoy the moment. You only have one first game in the NHL. For someone like Miro Heiskanen, go enjoy it. You know, play the way you want to.

INTERVIEWER 2: Are you a George Strait fan?

JIM MONTGOMERY: I am today. No, I am, of course.

INTERVIEWER 3: What do you remember about your first NHL game? Just thinking, I mean, you've got some young guys now. Does that bring back any memories for you?

JIM MONTGOMERY: It's a lot of brain cells ago, you know. Yeah, I just remember being excited and wanting to get out there. So I know I'm not going to wait till the eighth shift to put one of the players out, like Coach did to me.