Jason Spezza on Opening Night: ‘You still get nervous and excited’

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Jason Spezza on Opening Night: 'You still get nervous and excited'

INTERVIEWER: But do you still get butterflies before an opening night? Or at this point in your career, do the nerves dissipate pretty quickly?

- No, it's the same for everyone, I think. You still get excited, nervous, I don't know how to categorize it but it's definitely butterflies before the game and excitement throughout the day.

INTERVIEWER: Early part of the season can be interesting. There's not a lot of pre-scout that you can have on a team in the current year. So how do you approach the first period of this game trying to see some early momentum?

- I think that it can help sometimes is just focus on your own game and what you want your team to do. And we have a lot of things that we're trying to do. It maybe gets you thinking less about what the other team's trying to do it. And just really hone in on what the coach has been preaching for us.

INTERVIEWER: Even three weeks has got to be a tough time for a new coach and a new system and to make that instinctual. But how does this team feel right now in terms of a comfort level and entering tonight.

- Well, Monty's done a great job of explaining what he wants. I think there's obviously going to be scenarios that come up throughout the year that we're going to have to adjust to and change. And he'll teach us how he wants us to play them. But he's done a great job of getting everybody on the same page quickly and we feel confident in what we're doing.