Hamels executed his pitches, helped Texas to 4th straight win | Rangers Live

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Cole Hamels executed his pitches, helped Texas to 4th straight win | Rangers Live

- Out of the zone and he got a strikeout there. But you're seeing him miss down in the zone. You're seeing him also hit his location. And last year at times you didn't see him hitting his locations. And Mac, now, you look at the record in Kansas City, awesome. But I just see him now executing his pitches. And this is the Cole Hamels that we remember in 2015 and 2016.

- It really is. And that's why he's being successful right now. Why he's been pitching well the last couple of months, is that he's hitting his spots. Throwing the ball where he wants to more times than not. You saw the one strikeout there, he was trying to go down and away, it ended up being up and out of the zone. Still got the strikeout.

That happens sometimes. They'll throw it right down the middle and the hitter will miss it, that happens sometimes. But more times than not, Cole has been hitting that inside corner or going in off the plate, or coming through the backdoor and getting that strike. He had a few strikeouts on that backdoor breaking ball tonight, which was excellent. So it's all about his location, executing pitches when he needs to.

- And this year, that changeup has really come back into play with his repertoire, which I've really enjoyed watching this year. He's found that pitch.

- Yeah, and with all the analytics, there are so many numbers now. And I don't even understand all of them, I know you guys don't either. But one I do know is really good-- 0.00 ERA at Kansas City in that graphic. That's good.

- That's good.

- It's tough lose with a 0.00. You can, But it's tough.

- Yeah, seems like that's very difficult to do.