Sooners hope Rally Baby leads to Big 12 Tournament success

We’ve seen it before in baseball…a team begins to slump and looks for anything positive to rally around. It can be a pre-game ritual, a dugout routine, or as something as simple as a new leadoff hitter, but whatever it is, when it starts to work, you don’t change it.

Every once in a while that slump buster comes in the form of an unofficial mascot.

The Rally Monkey. The Rally Squirrel. The Rally Mantis. All have their place in baseball history and have re-energized dugouts over the years…but is there room for one more?

The University of Oklahoma Baseball team now has their own source of good vibes.

Toiling in a seven game losing streak and falling out of the Top 25, Oklahoma Baseball pulled out all the stops, including a baby doll intended for a Halloween costume. The Sooners juju changed that afternoon, and Rally Baby was born.

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