Aguero nets two quick goals for Manchester City vs. Burnley | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Sergio Aguero gives his team a 2-1 lead in just a few minutes.

- --under a bit of pressure. He just shifted away from it, and I think his momentum just took him into Danilo. We just see here pull a touch. He just cuts it back there. Then the challenge continued. Clearly, you can see it was a free kick.

- And there is the equalizing goal. Sergio Agüero continues his outstanding record in the FA Cup. And Burnley's defense finally breached.

- Oh, there's the problem. The quickness of the free kick from Gündogan. Watch the movement of Agüero and behind. In this occasion, the Burnley players are caught ball watching.

I think it was the skipper, [INAUDIBLE] initially with [INAUDIBLE]. Organizing his defense. And then he's just switched up for a moment. And you can't afford to do that against top quality players.

Watch the movement. Great delivery from Gündogan. Finished him out from Sergio Agüero.

- Lowton winning it back, but then giving the ball away. It's Agüero once again.

Gündogan on the backheel. Superb. Here is Agüero. And that is absolutely brilliant.

- He'll get much [INAUDIBLE]. The football here is absolutely exquisite. And it's the same two players involved, who got the first goal with Gündogan's quick free kick, which put through and allowed Sergio Agüero to get into the finish beyond Pope in here.

What a backheel this is. Absolutely magnificent. He's taken the whole Burnley defense out of the equation. But the movement from Agüero is excellent as well.

Win it back in a good area. Agüero comes in. Fake to tissue. There's the little ball at Gündogan. What about that? Absolutely sensational.

And then he didn't panic. Just run to the goalkeeper post and just slid it in into the empty net to give Manchester City a 2-1 lead.

- And in the blink of an eye, Manchester City have turned a deficit into a 2-1 lead.

- That's the quality they've got. Isn't it, Nigel? There's not many teams in world football who can turn it around that quickly. But they've got it. And that was absolutely sensational. And look at the reaction.