Watch Cristiano Ronaldo score a dazzling hat trick for Portugal | World Cup Qualifying Highlights

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo's hat trick against Faroe Islands.

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ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] Cedric Soares to make his way forward. Bernardo Silva's got all the time in the world to pick out one of three in the middle. And Ronaldo scores just two minutes in. His first touch of the ball. And there's international goal number 76, inevitably. Marking his 100th competitive international with the goal, and that could be the first of many tonight.

ANNOUNCER 2: He kicked on the halfway line 30 seconds previous. He gets himself up into the box and sets Portugal on their way. Too easy down the right hand side for a team that are playing five, four, one. Portugal managed to work a 2v1 in the wide areas.

He crosses. A decent one to the far post, and Ronaldo. Oh, that's great with his skill, isn't it? Volleying past the goalkeeper. Great start to the game for Portugal.

ANNOUNCER 1: European World Cup qualification campaign. Cristiano Ronaldo against Gunnar Nielsen. Never in doubt. 2-0, Ronaldo's got them both. And that's 13 in 6 games in this qualification series, now.

ANNOUNCER 2: We shouldn't have expected anything else. Red hot form in this qualifying-- qualification campaign. Ronaldo. Worthy goal. And now he doubles that tally with a cool, composed penalty. Even if the goalkeeper goes the right way, very little chance of saving that. Right in the corner.

ANNOUNCER 1: Carvalho. It's Ronaldo! Majestic. His fifth international hat trick, as devastating as it was inevitable. and he now has the record on his own. 14 goals in this qualification campaign. A tally that no one has ever been able to match. Another milestone for Christiano Ronaldo. Yet another hat trick. And Portugal lead 4-1.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, he just keeps breaking records, doesn't he? Fantastic first touch from William Carvalho. And then the composure in Christiano Ronaldo. Fakes to shoot. Places onto his left foot and pass into the back of the net. And it's just been far too easy. Three goals and an assist. Not bad, is it? His 100th competitive game for Portugal. And he crowns it with another hat trick.


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