The best moments in Dos a Cero history: Michael Bradley’s brace downs Mexico

When the United States and Mexico buses pulled up to Crew Stadium on February 11, 2009, they knew they were in for a nasty night. Not only was yet another rivalry match upon them, but it was cold, windy and hail was falling in Columbus, Ohio.

For the U.S., it was exactly what they wanted. The frigid temperatures in 2001 helped make Crew Stadium their newfound home to take on Mexico and birthed Dos a Cero. They didn't get that cold in 2005 and even though they won anyway, they liked the adverse conditions. They thought it favored them and helped add to the aura of the stadium.

It did.

Michael Bradley, the American coach's son, ensured that the U.S. would walk away winners and that the Dos a Cero legend would live in. First, he pounced on a loose ball to put the Americans in front, then he scored from distance in the waning minutes to make it 2-0.

The win was especially sweet for the U.S. because the match got nasty when Rafa Marquez went in on a late, dirty challenge that left Tim Howard hurt. He received a red card for it, but that wasn't enough for the Americans. They wanted to rub the result in El Tri's face for the Mexican captain's actions. And because of Bradley, they got to.